Great Train Robber Ronald Arthur 'Ronnie' Biggs has died at the age of 84 after years of ill health, Sky News reports.
Biggs was a British criminal known for his role in the 1963 robbery of a Glasgow to London mail train, during which he and a gang of men stole a record two-point-six million pounds.
His death comes just months after the fiftieth anniversary of the notorious heist, nicknamed the Crime of the Century.
Ronnie Biggs. Photo: Getty Images
Biggs was arrested for his role in the heist though escaped from Wandsworth Prison a short time later having served only fifteen months of a thirty-year sentence.
He managed to evade British corrective services for nearly forty years by living mostly in Australia and Brazil.
In 2001, Biggs agreed to return to Britain where he was incarcerated for eight years.
Great train robber 'Ronnie' Biggs. Photo: Getty
He was released in 2009 on compassionate grounds.
Since then, the self-confessed 'loveable rogue' has been in ill health.
He was last seen in public in March of this year when he attended the funeral of Bruce Reynolds, the mastermind behind the great train heist.
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Ronnie Biggs during happy times with his wife Raymonda in Brazil. Photo: Getty Images