Sunday 8 December 2013

nang boti nang ....kui boti kui...

Najib: Rosmah helped me twice

December 7, 2013
KUALA LUMPUR: Umno president Najib Tun Razak today revealed that his wife had played a vital role on two instances involving diplomatic circles.
“I have never told this before. Two years ago, a Malaysian student was detained after he was suspected to be a spy by Egypt.
“I told my wife (Rosmah Mansor) to appeal to the then President Mubarak’s wife.  In two hours, the student was released.
“Then during Operation Pyramid in Saudi Arabia, we made an impossible request to get our students out without visa.
‘She used her diplomatic connections and got them out.  The Saudi government even offered two jumbo jets to help us extract our students,” he said while delivering his closing speech at Umno’s 67th annual general meeting in Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre today.

steadyaku47 comment:

Jib do you think I care what Rosmah did to help you? As always you cannot see the forest for the trees! As always you again end up with egg on your face!

The point of the matter is simply this: We…that’s me, my friends, my acquaintances, their acquaintances, cousins, relatives…hell anyone I have spoken to…all of them are asking why your wife should use a government jet. Her designation is “your wife” kan? That “FLOM” title she can claim lah but even the taxi driver is of the opinion that the Agong’s bini is FLOM! Surely your wife has more brains that the taxi driver…betul tak? So how she can call herself FLOM? And don’t start saying that she never lay claim to that title…. I might just go look for some incriminating video and do the same thing to her as what you did to Anwar (about the Bangladeshi voters lah!) and post the video on youtube!

Anyway I digress. The reason there is so much fuss over this matter is because you do not have the balls to say “NO” to her! That same taxi driver told me that as far as he is concern his wife never dare to touch his taxi….”ini says bikin kerja punya!”….so if the taxi driver’s wife understand what she can and cannot do how come your wife cannot? Or does she think she is the Prime Minister and you are .........(ahem good manners prevents me from saying anything more) 

Of course the nation and the families of the students will want to thank her for helping to get the students home but does she do these things with the hope that she can use the government jet once in a while? Why not do these things out of the goodness of her heart…......that is if she does have any goodness in her heart! Aisehman I kasi hantam sama Najib….!

Anyway Jib I just had to get that off my chest. Every time I think of Najib’s wife…that phrase keeps ringing in my head… nang boti nang…kui boti kui!   

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