Sunday 1 December 2013

cakap cakap.. Rashid you only deserve our pity because wisdom that should have come with your old age seems to have escaped you totally!

Is this guy a Malay hero or an idiot? He reminds me of the cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow! Is he not typical of those Malay leaders who think of themselves as heroes and warriors for the Malay cause? 

"Look at me" ...he says...."I have done my duty to UMNO and to the Malay race....and now I am joining Perkasa to continue with this fight against the Chinese and anybody else who think they can take this country of ours from the Malays!"  

Rashid your position as Secretary and Chairman of the Election Commission requires you to be independent and non-partisan in the things that you do in the position. 


As a Malay I want the Malays to have political power but political power that is won on the principle of "one man, one vote, one value."

As a Malay if my government tells me that the EC is a transparent, credible, professional organization with integrity than that is what I expect it to be - even though I know that UMNO will do what it can to stack the positives on to UMNO's side. 

Even though I know that "gerrymandering" is the way to go in as far as UMNO is concerned. 

What I do not expect UMNO to do is to appoint an idiot to head the EC. An idiot who tells us that he was planted in the EC by UMNO to make sure that UMNO wins the election by any means possible and he thinks he is doing the Malays a favor by helping UMNO to win!

Woi Rashid you did not do the Malays a favor by helping UMNO to win elections because in doing so you made UMNO more corrupt and more dependent on doing the wrong things to stay in power - and that includes giving you a Tan Sri and pats on your head from UMNO leaders for a job well done! are just another idiot in UMNO pockets. You are just another idiot Tan Sri that can now be consigned to the heap where you can also find the likes of Rahim Thambi Chik, Isa Samad, Jamaluddin Jarjis and even a Tun or two!

You may think yourself a hero to the Malays and consider yourself a loyal servant to UMNO.....for me you are another sad example of Malay leaders who morally offends.

Go join Perkasa. Go join any effing organization you want.........we know what kind of an idiot you are and wherever you go you can be assured that right thinking Malays and Malaysians will avoid you like the plague. For six general elections and three constituency delineations you have not lived to the your oath of office that required you to be independent and non-partisan! 

Live the rest of your life the same are one of those Malays that have caused the Malays  to lose their integrity, credibility and nobleness of spirit that Malay leaders like Dato' Onn, Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein and so many other Malays have fought so hard to achieve. 

You Rashid only deserve our pity because wisdom that should have come with your old age seems to have escaped you totally!       

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