Wednesday 18 December 2013

To go or not to go…that is the question for Najib while Rosmah covers his and hers rear ends!

To go or not to go…that is the question for Najib.

Prime Minister Najib Razak has the knack of saying the right things, at the right place and at the right time. Like Reagan he is indeed the great communicator but Najib’s message is more in his the words that he used and his style than in the content. Najib did not communicate knowledge or great things to us. He mostly lied!  If only he would do the things that he has been saying he will do before the election, during the election and after the elections!

In Army parlance they would label Najib LFC (Liar First Class!) and if they see Najib coming their way they will scatter rather than listen to what he has to say again and will tell each other BOHICA (Bend over, here it comes again).

He has lied so many times that today I say DILLIGAFF (Do I Look Like I Give A Flying Fuck) because for Najib what he does is the norm or as they say SNAFU (Situation Normal: All Fucked Up).

He no longer has credibility, integrity and certainly a man for whom the word trust will have as much meaning for him as the trust Pak Lah expected of him as a loyal DPM.

He has lied about his wife shopping trip to Milan!

Lied about what he is going to do to repeal the ISA.

Lied about what his Ministry is going to do.

Lied about what his government is going to do.

 Lied about what his coalition is going to do, about what his party is going to do…what else can he lie about?

This week we see that he got another jalan up his sleeves. He tells us that his government does not do populists things!

“I believe all of you are aware of this reality. That is why we administer the country in a prudent manner, our way is not the populist way. Najib Razak.
Populist : a member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people.

Does this means that Najib does not seek to represent the interest of the ordinary people? Then whose interest is he representing? This is not a Freudian slip….he is for once telling us the truth! It has never been about the people. It has always been about Najib, Najib and Najib.

What he is trying to say here is that he does not do populist things!

Then what is BR1M? BR1M is Bantuan Rakyat Satu Malaysia started in 2011 and it assists low income earners through cash payments.

RM2.6 billion is expected to benefit 5.2 million households in several phases. These 5.2 million households represent approximately 80 percent of the total Malaysian households.  

If you do not believe that this is not a populist way of doing things than you must also believe that Najib not Rosmah,wears the trousers in his household!

But is BR1M really helping the people in a positive way? The people are getting something for nothing – why not teach them a craft, a vocation a job skill – give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him and his family for a lifetime! But doing this would be too hard and take too long a time – and with the election around the corner, guess which option Najib took? The easy one lah.

Giving tires to taxi drivers? The same thing lah. Why not work on making it possible for taxi driver to get a taxi licence for themselves instead of having to lease them on the never never from the cronies of politicians who have been given these licenses in the hundreds or thousands? The easier populist way is to make a song and dance about giving tires to taxi drivers…and for a while the taxi drivers are happy and his cronies are happy too…until the euphoria of getting something for nothing wears off and then it is back to the daily grind of trying to earn a decent income when most of the money you earn are first used to pay of blood sucking cronies who have been given taxi licences by the hundreds. A license to make money out of the misery of the poor taxi drivers!     

What about Najib being Mr Cool? Shooting the breeze while watching Manchester United play and then riding bicycles in Putrajaya? Why not use the money to allow youth to directly benefit through increase funding in sport and make it possible for them to be able to buy sports equipment or organize sport meets? Instead Najib wants to have the aura of being a Mr Cool by doing things with the young – surely a populist move if I ever saw one!

The sad part about Najib is that he truly believes what he says and he thinks that we believe what he believes! Nothing is further from the truth!

He has depleted all the political goodwill that he might have had when he took over office from Pak Lah. After the initial turun padang at Brickfields and China Town in the flush of his first few days in office he has been more inclined to turn padang to his private government jet to make trips to Monaco for Islamic Fashion shows, Shopping trip to Milan and even a trip to Kazakh for the engagement of his daughter to Daniyar Nazarbayev. Just as an aside…is the engagement still on after all the ho hah about the future mother in law? And really Najib is it prudent to allow your daughter to marry some guy whose considerable family wealth has been dubiously obtained? And do you seriously think that the marriage will last? Huh!

No Najib all this will not do!

Marcos considered himself invincible until his own people drove him from power into exile to the US. Ghaddaffi though his people loved him until a popular uprising led to his own inglorious death at the hands of those he thought loved him. Saddam promise the mother of all battles against the US and ended his days at the end of a hangman’s noose. Mahathir ended his PM days crying on stage and you bundled out Pak Lah with Mahathir and Muhyiddin because you could!

What do you think is in store for you now?

The old man son is now MB up North. In the last party election the party faithful stamped their approval on his attempt to take one of the VP post within UMNO by giving him just 9 less vote than Hishmuddin.

We know that the battle for change within UMNO has now begun in earnest up there amongst UMNO’s first tier Malays. His father has cleared the deck for this fight to make his son numero uno in UMNO by giving up his work at Petronas to concentrate on his work for his son.

Muhyiddin is where you once were when you were  Pak Lah’s deputy. No need for me to say anything here – you know what it is like to be number two when you really rally want to be number one!

So how long do you have Najib? How long more do you think your wife can protect your rear end – when actually it is her rear end that she is protecting!

How long before UMNO realize that without you as PM she is dead meat?

How long before you lose your nerve and your wife is put in her place? Judging from your past performance that time is long past –I bet Pak Lah is watching development with some interest –not out of any ghoulish pleasure, but merely as someone who has been in the same position before – been there, done that!

Do you want to know when the bells will start toiling to announce your departure from Seri Perdana? Let me tell you when.

Wait for Altantuya to be resurrected by the mainstream media. Wait for your wife excesses to be in the news again. Wait for your dealings in Mindef to be laid bare. Wait for Razak Baginda and Amin Shah to start making noises about them wanting to return to Malaysia. Wait for your wild oats seeding days while MB and your early years in cabinet and in Mindef start to be tantalizingly exposed bit by bit …and when all this starts to unravel you know and I know and Rosmah knows that it is time to say Sayonara!   

No I will not clap my hands in glee to join in any celebrations when you and FLOM leave. All I will do is say “good riddance” for the work will then start in earnest to do battle for change–real change. It is a battle I await with trepidation because like all battles, victory will not come until your enemies surrenders or are annihilated. Which one it will be is still to be seen….but given enough rope I think UMNO will hang themselves! 

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