Friday 13 December 2013

The miseries of others now becomes the way our leaders and the authorities profit personally from financially.

I have sadly watched Malaysia’s descent from a country of wondrous opportunities and ethnic diversities to being a country where the miseries of others now becomes the way our leaders and the authorities profit personally from financially. A Malaysia that was once the envy of many for the warmth it exudes to all who visit’s our shores to now being a place where our authorities sells visitors to human traffickers for brothels, factories and slavery on fishing boats. Our authorities rob visitors on the streets of their money their mobiles and their jewels. Extortion and robbery by the authorities is the daily lot of these visitors.

These visitors are the illegal immigrants and refugees now numbering in the millions in our country who are easy target for exploitation. These are the latest menace that threatens the security of our nation – so says this BN government. A menace that is the spin off from the massive inflow of Pendatangs encouraged by this same BN government because it suited their political purpose to do so.

 And the authorities that exploits them are politicians and their cronies, PDRM, RELA, Immigration and others who see these illegal immigrants and refugees as the softest of target to make money from. They are vulnerable because they have no legal status in Malaysia, no papers, no documents  - they live in terrible conditions bereft of any comforts that even a dog might demand. They are poor, scared and totally without any defense. …the very type of people that any of these scavengers’ from UMNO, their cronies, PDRM, RELA and immigration would want to look for.

Tens and thousands of these people are arrested every month. Just imagine what a gold mine that number of arrests would present to the police– even more that the traffic offender they could catch on the streets!

How is it that our government allows the misery of these refugees and illegal immigrants to be exploited by the authorities?

Living off other people is not something new to the police. They have lived off prostitution, and off  bribes taken from motorists before. Now the targets have increased and their target today is the weakest of the weak.

Disgust and contempt are too soft a word I would use to describe how I feel about this. I despise such vile acts by our authorities.

And they also cane these refugees and illegal immigrants and it made me sick to hear them being caned in the name of Allah – for that was what some of those doing the caning shouted even as he was caning them.

How is it that we have come to this? Why are there so many refugees and illegal immigrants in our country and why are the authorities treating them in such an inhuman and vile way? How did it all started?

If this BN government claimed credit for KLCC, KLIA and Putrajaya then it must also take responsibility when refugees and illegal immigrants are treated worse that animals. If this BN government crows about what it has done for the people of Malaysia than this BN government must also accept that refugees and illegal immigrants being sold to gangsters across the border is also their doing because they have turned a blind eye to these misdeeds by PDRM and RELA.

This is not something they can just sweep under the carpet anymore because refugees and illegal immigrants eventually go elsewhere to settle and they carry with them what they have experienced in Malaysia. Already as the above video indicates, a global audience has been informed of the atrocities being perpetrated by the authorities over the illegal immigrant and refugees. Already amnesty and other NGOs are taking up the case of these people and collecting data and information with the intent of exposing the suffering while in Malaysia.

And still this BN government sits like a frog under the tempurung hoping that all these horror stories will go away. Hoping that if they do not ask, no one will tell them or anyone else why mothers are grieving for missing children, why daughters are raped, sons and husbands killed or are simply disappearing. This BN government would rather not investigate the allegations that illegal immigrants and refugees are being robbed by PDRM of their mobile, their jewelers and their money when they walk the streets. It is educational for us to know that when Rela officers brief their charges before the raid they caution their charges that they should not beat up the suspects, should not be too rough on the suspects and that they should not steal anything from the suspects!

I am concern about the safety of my country with so many refugees and illegal immigrants running around loose –and yes many of us no longer feel safe with petty theft and murder cases mushrooming everywhere -  but what is the cause of all this?

Did not this UMNO led BN government stopped to think about the repercussions of binging into Malaysia such a massive inflow of pendatangs for their political agenda of increasing the Malay/Bumiputera numbers to 70% by 2020? If there was a need for labor required because of the massive development in the construction and agricultural industry should the inflow of pendatangs be done in a more measured and structured manner in order to ensure that at all times these inflow are managed to ensure that our national security is not compromised?

Instead every opportunity to make money from these people have been exploited and now even making money out of their miseries have become what money politics is to politicians – an accepted way to earn a living – as accepted as the way prostitution has now become a cource of income for PDRM.

This is not an issue that Najib can turn away from. The world will soon know Malaysia for what it does to these people. In a perverse way I must say that it is good that the authorities in Malaysia are so corrupt and uncaring for the plight of these poor people because the world wakes up when they hear of mothers losing their daughters to rape and murder. The world wants to know why gangsters kill ten-month-old babies in the presence of their mother just because the baby was crying too much. And the world certainly wants to know why tens of thousands of these people undergo a cycle of arrests, release and rearrest and then are caned until their skins break to the shout of Allahhuakbar in the prisons of Malaysia.

The living death that these illegal immigrants and refugees endure in Malaysia is reason enough why Malaysia cannot sign international treaties that allows refugees to seek asylum in a country of their choice.

For me this is just another example of how we humans continue to treat our own kind in the most appalling of manner simply because others are not watching us. Do not just believe what I write. Go see for yourself in the streets of KL how these people live a life worse than animals in conditions of abject poverty. There are Burmese refugees living in the jungles in shanties made of planks and plastics. Exposed to the weather, no sanitation, no medication and their children without access to any schooling.

This is the way it is in Malaysia today. Is it not time that we said enough? Enough of the authorities living off the miseries of those visitors who had come to Malaysia to seek refuge and a better life? I know that nothing short of censure from a global audience will make Najib do anything about the horror these people now endure from the hands of the authorities. Let us start by at least acknowledging that we are not without knowledge of what is happening…and where it goes from there would be your call.           

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