Wednesday 11 December 2013

cakap cakap...Paul and Linda.

There are not a lot of people that I admire. Not many that would make me cross a room to say hello to them. My Father and Mother are two of these people but I will no longer cross any room to greet them anymore for they have left me a long time ago. For my wife and my children I will do more than that….anything!

But there is one person that I do admire…revere may be a better word…revere him for the life he has led from the time I was conscious that he exists. PAUL McCARTNEY. Yes his songs were good. His singing great. The group he was part of is fabulous. From the time I heard “She loves You” when I was in my teens to today, at 66, their music lifts my spirit and moves me to do many things – all good.

But what I admired most about Paul is his love for his wife Linda and the way he and Linda brought up their family. He is one of those rare icons from the entertainment industry whose personal life lacks for salacious fodder of scandals and expose that reporters from tabloids requires to boost their circulations and profits.

During his 29 years of marriage with Linda the longest he had ever been away from her was when he was busted for marijuana in Japan and spent ten days in jail. Apart from this he was only separated away from Linda for just one night!  

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