Thursday 5 December 2013

Cakap do you do breakfast?

How do you do breakfast?

How do you do breakfast? You have already done your morning ablution, check your PC twice for emails and did a cursory surf on the Net for world news. Now you are dressed and ready for morning nourishment….breakfast they call it……breaking your fast after many hours of what you can only hope to be restful, deep sleep. Whoever coined that ‘breakfast’ term had it just right! Okay …now how do you do breakfast?

Do you prefer to have breakfast still in your sarong and singlet before you get dress for work? Are you the type to have breakfast all dressed up and ready to go to work immediately after breakfast? Or do you have breakfast on the go….grab what you can while you do this and do that?

Tea, coffee, kopi o ice, milk, flavored milk, just mineral water? And what do you fancy having this morning with your drink?

Do you have breakfast in your dining room with the tukang gaji hovering in the background ready to do your bidding for more coffee or tea? 

Do you have breakfast by yourself or with your better half? Or are you the type that makes a dash to the nearest mamak stall under the trees for the regulation the tarik and roti canai morning fill up – alone or with friends?

Breakfast at a coffee house in a five star hotel to discuss business or politics with friends and acquaintances? Can also!

Maybe breakfast will be served on MH 1384 as you make your way to that meeting in Kota Baru.

Maybe you are Northbound in your Proton and you want breakfast at the Sungai Buloh rest and service area – breakfast and petrol for the car in one go! Done.

And this is just breakfast!

Imagine the permutations of all the others things you need to do, want to do, have to do and suppose to do as the day unfolds! And that is just for you…you have not yet factor what you have to do for King and Country yet! And do not forget to for race and religion!

So many things to do and so little time…..and it is not yet pass 8.30 am! Like this die lah! 

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