Sunday 29 December 2013

Birnam Forest has come to Dunsinane. Fear not Tun, for no man that's born of woman shall have power over you. Let the games begin.

If I am Najib I will be afriaid…very afraid. Mahathir has just fired his opening salvo across the S.S. Najib’s bow….with his latest posting on his blog CHE DET.....go read what Mahathir wrote! 

Whether his wife will be afraid with or for him, or, more likely,  angry, is to be seen but both of them should have enough common sense to know that Hang Tuah (aka Mahathir)  is not really dead. The Bendahara have hidden Tuah away from the Sultan eyes and now that Jebat (aka Najib Razak) have been running amok for too long a time, it is time to bring Tuah back to right what is wrong! And I can tell you that no body relishes a fight like Mahathir does!

Mahathir is a man who thrives on conflict. He lives for moments when he has to do what he has promised to do if those who owes him a living no longer please him with what they do. And woe betide those who were still 'budak hingus meleleh' when Mahathir was King! Mahathir has always liked having Najib in his cabinet because he had Najib by his balls from his Port Dickson days to his antics as Ministers in Mahathir's cabinet. The Altanatuya debacle is just icing in the cake for Mahathir. 

Mahathir thought that when he had Najib by his balls Najib's heart and mind will follow regardless of Rosmah! Unfortunately not so. All of Mahathir's 'tegoran' to Najib in the lead up to and after the 13th general election and the recent UMNO's party election have been ignored by Najib. Whether Najib did so on Rosmah's orders or on his own volition is moot but Mahathir is raring to put UMNO's house in order again  - his way! 

How do we know that the inquisition on Najib have started? Watch what is happening around Najib and Rosmah these days and in the days to come.

The flavor of the week is Riza Aziz. By now most of you are familiar with the salient facts : Lots of money from parts unknown (most probably the Rakyat's!)  are being spent in the hundreds of millions of ringgit. Spent not today or in the immediate present but a long time ago and only now has it has suddenly become news! How has this been possible? Your guess is as good as mine but the desired effect of embarrassing Najib and Rosmah is already a done deal.

Keep watching as past and present bits and pieces concerning the 'better than a Bollywood movie' life of the Prime Minister and his Flom surfaces from time to time like time released medicinal capsules. All these data are being put into the public domain because 'the people should know' about the 'true facts' concerning their leader, his spouse and members of their families from first or second wives or husband. 

How many times have Rosmah been married? Have Najib had any child out of wedlock? Did they 'do it' before they were married? Where did they 'do it'? How many times did they 'do it'? Ahhh they will be stories to tell and you can rest assured that Mahathir will be the Ring Master of this coming circus.

There will be Altantuya again. 

Then there is the continuing saga of Najib's Mindef Years. Wait for those insanely rich Malays already comfortably settled with their hundreds of millions of Mindef money in their bank accounts in parts unknown around the globe to suddenly start to feel home sick for Nasi Dagang or even Goreng Pisang - and wanting to come back with offers to negotiate a 'tell it all' exposure in return for a 'get out of jail' pass. Imagine what a tale they could tell of Najib's time as Minister of Defense! Amin Shah and Razak Baginda would be prime candidates for these kind of a deal - if they are not already being propositioned for same!

One or two of Najib's many dalliances in Singapore with members of the opposite sex will be hinted at if not exposed in totality with names and salacious recollections by those involved. In fact just one exposure would be enough to make his life unbearable with you know who! 

Also for exposure will be the monumental effort made to contain the goings on - both sexual and financials - of Najib and Rosmah! Can you imagine the amount of money that was required to keep everybody quiet? What projects, contracts, tenders and government business opportunities have to be kautim in order to contain any possible exposures of these abuses?   

I tell you this -  Mahathir has more to work on with Najib than he had with Pak Lah. 

How long does Najib has before he throws in the towel? 
Sometime in 2014 would be a good guess. They already have a daughter being married off to someone in Kazakhstan with houses in New York that would come in handy should they chose to live there or maybe they could tompang Riza Aziz's RM33.5 million Park Laurel pad? Sudah diatur!

Well Tun, Birnam Forest has come to Dunsinane. Fear not Tun, for no man that's born of woman shall have power over you. Let the games begin.  

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