Monday 30 December 2013


There has been much ado about nothing with PERKASA. There has been much song and dance made by the Chinese, DAP in particular, about PERKASA being the unofficial 14th member of the Barisan Nasional coalition. Huh! PERKASA has as much chance of having more influence than MCA or any of the other 12 BN component parties in UMNO as I have an opportunity of marrying Angelina Jolene.

Let us get one thing clear from the onset. PERKASA lives and breaths at the pleasure of UMNO. Take away UMNO’s largesse and you will have a PERKASA that will be as effective or as relevant as Rosmah will be once Najib Tun Razak is no longer Prime Minister of Malaysia.

UMNO provides money for Berahim Berok to buy his toilet paper. UMNO provides money for Berahim Berok to buy roti. UMNO provides money for Berahim Berok to live the way he is living now – a General without an army and a stooge who has been given all that he requires to do the bidding of UMNO.

But with UMNO behind Berahim Berok he is an Alpha baboon in heat able to have his way with the ladies because he has the brute strength to do as he likes. He might have the best access to mating opportunities but the high stress level of fighting off challenges and guarding access to fertile females means that he will not stay at the top for long.

The same goes for PERKASA. Take away the UMNO equation and what is left is an empty tin…yes it makes the most noise but to what end? The noise it makes will annoy many people and soon the people will shut them up.

PERKASA is a aberration that will soon disappear from our consciousness once decent and responsible leaders take back this nation of ours from the present crop of first tier UMNO leaders whose agenda for political dominance is to use religion and race! Leaders who are bankrupt of any decent sensibilities but their own. 

For now let us put up with Brahim Berok and his PERKASA the way we put up with mosquitoes and lalat. No need to kill the lalat or the mosquitoes...just a flick will make them go away. 

The way we put up with the minor irritations in life that comes our way every now and then - grit our teeth and go on with life because it really does not make that much of a difference to our lives...and we will be the better for it.    


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