Sunday 1 December 2013

cakap cakap...pagi ahad.

Sunday Morning…I have been writing more than usual these last few days. My heart and mind was willing ….so I write. What bothers me when I am moved to write by my heart is that I sometimes am not as disciplined as I would like to be and I post these words as soon as I write them without reflection. When that happens invariably I get ahead of myself: Words, passion and emotions clash without regard to clarity or reason. And then late at night or early in the morning when my mind is at its clearest I start to think that maybe I should have not have done this or that….maybe reason and rational should have not been overcome by anger at things that I disagree with….but by then it is all done….and so I move on after a moment of “what if?”

Anyway…’s Sunday morning again. Kangeroos totally beat Kiwis at Rugby last night : 34-2: and I felt stupid because I thought the match was going to be tonight - Sunday night...but we won and that is what matters....(I said "we" because Australia is now home) ...but should there ever be an Australian vs Malaysia match in anything.......then I am in trouble! Must still support Malaysia ma!

Have been awake since 6.30 a.m. and for once am going with a cup of Lipton tea rather than Nescafe. I just felt I wanted tea this morning. If I am in Bangsar I would already have gone to the morning market at Lucky Gardens and got myself breakfast! Nasi Lemak and Ayam Goreng or maybe Yong Tau Foo....and some langsat for my wife if they are in season....and I always take some time to walk around the market just soaking in the "Malaysian" atmosphere...I miss those moments!

Have to do some writing now....I want to write about that stupid EC chief who wants to score points with the Malays by joining Perkasa and telling us what he did when he was the EC head honcho. This is the problem with these bloody idiots.....Najib puts him there to make sure that UMNO and the Malay interests are taken care of......and the idiot does the work he is suppose to do. 

Now why the fucks does he want to go and tell everybody what he has been doing in the EC? Why does he just not keep quiet and consider his work in the EC as being "work done for the good of his own race?" Instead he wants to crow about it ...does he wants a Tunship now? Woi idiot you are an embarrassment to your own race!      

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