Tuesday 8 April 2014


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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Financial Assistance For Kassim Ahmad

As you all know Kassim Ahmad who is 81 years old has been arrested and charged in the Shariah Court for expressing his opinion. He faces two charges that carry fines and jail terms.

This seems a travesty of all concepts of natural justice and natural law. Arresting a human being just for saying something.  Speaking cannot be a crime unless the speech incites violence against human beings. Saying something different about a faith or religion is not a violent crime. 

Despite being the 21st century, only some people in our country (we know who they are) are certainly really backward in this area. It is a reflection of their lack of sophistication, lack of intellectual development and immaturity. They are still stuck in the villages and land development schemes. Even other Islamic countries are far more advanced, including our neighbour Indonesia.

Kassim Ahmad has already been charged and his trial will begin soon. He will need assistance for his travel, lodging and legal expenses.

Whoever wants to assist financially is welcome to do so. Here are the details of Dr Kassim's account number.

Maybank Acc. No. 502111102533.  

Dr Kassim will appreciate your kind assistance. 

Just a point of clarification. In this Blog, I cannot provide feedback about any of your donations. I will not be able to tell you how much has been donated or collected. If you put any money into his account through the ATM machines, do keep the receipts / deposit slips.

Thank you kindly.

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