Monday 7 April 2014


300 Cars...parked in air conditioned garages to "keep the dust away"....sending his Mercedes Pullman to Germany for repairs...and having cars made and branded "Bespoke for the Johore Royal Family!"...what maddness is this? Almost a car for everyday of the year? This is the same Royals of Johor that I wrote about a few months back:

The Johor Sultanate : Tyrants, sexual predators, rapists, thugs, murderers (yes not one or two murders but more!), criminal misconduct, assault and this week, threat to murder again!

So they are also very very rich! Insanely rich it seems! 

He even has a car with "pornographic pictures inside...naked women"....Woi Jakim camna? WIll Jakim have the guts to raid his garage and haul the offending car away? Huh! The Islamic Department will go after a Malay girl for drinking beer...but pornography is not an offense in Islam when you are a Sultan? Nor it seems are Sultans ever arrested for fornicating outside the bonds of marriage!

A word for the Sultan of Johor....Sir, of course the Johor Royal Family have bought all those cars with their own money...and of course once a year you go on your three or four day charity ride amongst your 'subjects' and sleeping in the villages to 'get close' to these villages....but really Sir, do you think that is excuse enough to live like a Tin Pot Alley  African Despot who indulges in every whim that he has - whether that be cars, palaces or women? 

Wake up! We are in the 21st Century where a man's worth is measured not by the numbers of cars that he has or the number of women he fornicates is measured by the good that he does to others who are less fortunate than him! And millions of Ringgits in Zakat does not absolve you from doing more!

What a sad caricature of the Muslims Sultans and Rulers that the world is familiar with....The Aga Khan for one, who spends his life living the good life and marrying beautiful women whom he divorces after tiring of them and then ends up paying astronomical sums for that pleasure!

What I hear of this Sultan talking about his cars etc as per the youtube clip above serves only to reinforce by contempt for these kind of Malay whose misguided sense of his worth is measured by him telling the world that he has 300 cars! Who cares? Who f#*king cares?  


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