Saturday 5 April 2014

Bernard Khoo...nothing more for me to add!

This morning I wanted to write some more about Bernard….about his work to make our country a better place, about his activism in all things that is good for Malaysia and about what he has personally done to encourage and drive others, me included, to work towards the same things. And so I sat down at my desk, powered my PC and with a cup of Nescafe by my side, allowed my mind to think about him…about our exchanges on our blogs and the emails we sent to each other…..and then it dawn upon me!

There is noting I can write about Bernard that will make him greater or more known than he is today….he is already a legend!

He has lived his life as he damm pleases without making concessions to anybody…especially the powers that be.

Where some of us will debate and discuss the havoc and damage wrecked by the Umno led Barisan Nasional government upon our economy, our people and our country…Bernard gave them the One-Finger-Salute!

While some of us are content to write and make comments anonymously in blogs…Bernard wore a T Shirt that said “:SCREW YOU!” ..and we know who he was saying that to.

He is an individual….I salute you Bro. Nothing more for me to add. 

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