Wednesday 2 April 2014

Submarine Crew Makan Gaji Buta ka?

Another use for our submarine?

We are now informed that the two Malaysian submarines were fitted for combat and cannot perform a search and rescue role.

Right now MH370 is no longer a rescue mission but a search and salvage mission. Common sense tells me that given that probability that MH370 cannot float indefinitely on the surface of the Indian Ocean it must have by now sink into the depths of the Indian Ocean. In the depths of the ocean is where a submarine is supposed to do its work…is it not? 

Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak (with or without his sidekick aka Rosmah Mansor) has quickly put his hands up to undertake a journey to Perth (no doubt on the government Jet) to…… do what? According to the official announcement he will be going to Perth to say thank you to all those taking part in the search for MH370. I hope Rosmah is not going to suggest they go to London and the US of A to thank those two countries for helping out on the search for MH370 too….and then on the way back stop at Dubai or some OIC country to ask why the OIC countries are not assisting Malaysia in the search for NH370 – (despite Ibrahim Berok’s suggestion that they should do so!)

Now back to our two submarines.

I doubt if any country – in the immediate future while the two submarines are still within their warranty period -  would declare war on Malaysia to allow the Royal Malaysian Navy to try out the combat readiness of the two submarine.

In fact I would go so far as to say the Royal Malaysian Navy would have to wait for hell to freezes over before there can be a combat situation for the submarine to venture out to try out their combat readiness.and meantime the crew on board the submarines will makan gaji buta only lah!

Would it not be a good moral booster for our nation, our people and those grieving for their love ones lost on MH370 to hear that our government is deploying the two submarines to search for debris in the search area? After all the debris are mostly in the ocean and that is where the submarines can best do their work. Betul tak?

But frankly speaking Najib….I do not think the submarines are fitted out to do anything but make RM 500 million for Razak Baginda and gang. Apart from Razak Baginda being paid for services rendered in the purchase of the submarines there are other business opportunities for other cronies to make some ringgits from any other work or services required to keep those submarine afloat…or should I say to keep those submarines in the water…because keeping the submarines afloat is not too good when they are suppose to dive into the water!

Now if Singapore or any of our neighbors did declare war on our country what will be the next excuse used by our Prime Minister to prevent the submarine from being deployed?

The manufacturers warranty on the two submarines has run out?

The manufacturers warranty does not cover any war in which you are likely to lose?

That Najib will not deploy the Malaysian Submarines because Malaysia does not have any submarine fitted with search and rescue role in case the two submarines are in need of rescuing?

The mind boggles with what other excuses Najib will come up. Suffice to say the whole world is watching with much interest as this BN government negotiate its way through this sad tragedy of MH370 with their own tragic comedy of errors and double speak which is getting more tragic (for this BN government) as they go from day trying to do what is the impossible for them – be a responsible, accountable and decent government.            

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