Sunday 6 April 2014

Najib stop talking s@*t!

Help due to strong relations: Najib

April 5, 2014
Twenty-five nations are in the search for MH370 because they value Malaysia's strong bilateral ties with each of these countries, says Najib.
HANOI: Twenty-five countries are helping Malaysia in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 because of the goodwill and strong relationships that Malaysia has with them, said Najib Tun Razak.

The Prime Minister said the countries were willing to commit themselves to the search operation without asking Malaysia to pay for their services as Malaysia too had done so many helpful things when the other countries were in need.
“They are doing it because of the goodwill and good relations that we have with them,” Najib said at a dinner with the Malaysian community here Friday night.
Najib, who arrived here Thursday, is on a three-day official visit to Vietnam.
He said Malaysia has been seen as a very caring country by other nations as  it has been involved in so many humanitarian aid missions.
“We are a caring nation…now it is our turn to be in the receiving end. But before this, we were there when typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, tsunami in Acheh and earthquakes everywhere, we were there, we helped the world, now it’s time they help us,” he added.
“Some of them said, when I called them, “look, just tell us what we can do for you? Because Malaysia has been good to us in the past, because when we were in need, Malaysia helped us, because we like you, we like Malaysia”, and that is why,” said Najib.
steadyaku47 comment:

Najib don't talk cock! Or as Berahim Berok will say.."Don't talk S#*t!"

Most of those twenty five countries that are helping Malaysia in the search for the missing MH370 are doing so NOT because of the strong relationship that Malaysia has with them. They are doing so because in a situation like MH370, any country will extend their assistance -  especially when they know that Malaysia does not have the ability or the capacity to search for the missing MH370 by themselves! You may care to note that the Australian Prime Minister described the search as "the most difficult in human history". Do you think the world would be comfortable leaving Malaysia to search for the missing MH370 all by themselves given their performance so far in managing it?

China and Australia are doing so because their citizens were on the flight and they owe it to their citizens to find out what happened.....and they do not ask for payment because it is the decent thing to do and not because they like Malaysia or because Malaysia has been a caring nation and has carried out many humanitarian missions all over the world. Don't kid yourself otherwise! 

When what you claim are reported in the media globally once again our country will be the laughing stock of many others either because they have never heard of Malaysia doing humanitarian work on the scale as their country have done.....or simply because they may have never heard of Malaysia. 

Please Sir, engage your brain before you open your mouth!

Cukup lah Najib - quit while you are ahead and let the Australian coordinate the search under the leadership of Angus Houston, Australia's former military chief. ....after all it is Australia's resources that are being mostly deployed to search for MH370.

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