Tuesday 15 April 2014

The Chinese can no longer turn the other cheek when threatened with rivers of blood in Chow Kit or acquiesce when asked to migrate.

Putting BN under the spotlight

 | April 15, 2014
The world has learned a few things about this BN government since the tragic happenings of MH370.
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Is it not time that the Chinese in Malaysia claim, at the very least, their right of abode in Malaysia?
The right to live and work in Malaysia without restriction? And their rights as citizens to be treated equally by our government?
And yet for as long as I can remember of the Chinese in Malaysia, they have been second to the Malays in everything, even in name.
In politics the Chinese are the poor cousins to Umno in the last five decades.
Now if the plight of the Chinese was like the plight of MH370, when all that is done to manage their plight is open to the scrutiny of the public, nay to the world via their media inquisition of Umno leaders – what will the world media ask our Umno-led government leaders about their treatment of the Chinese?
Will they go back to May 13 of 1969 and pick through the facts and the fallacies of what had happened then?
Did Lim Kit Siang really do what Umno said he did? Who started the fracas that led to all the killings? The people or the politicians?
Were the police and the army acting under orders from their political masters when they did what they did – whether it was killing non-Malays or saving them from the Malay mob?
And what of the subsequent NEP? What of the attempt to raise the economic well-being of the Malays by the government?
Were these genuine needs of the Malays used to better the lot of the Malays or was it abused for personal gain by the Umno politicians?
How do you think these Umno politicians will handle the inquisitions from the global media? Huh!
And what if they question Mahathir next?
Yes the old man is adept at fielding questions off the cuff from the cowering Malaysian media but how will he answer unscripted questions from the foreign media about the tidal wave of pendatang that flooded Malaysia during his tenure as prime minister – done to bolster the numbers of bumiputera that makes up Umno’s electorate base?
Do you think they will buy Mahathir’s “I cannot remember” excuses?
Do you not think they will point out to Mahathir that the tidal wave of pendatang is actually a population/racial engineering at its very worst?
And will not the world media hold Umno responsible for the massive migration of Chinese out of Malaysia to other parts of the world at a time when Malaysia has most need for their skills and business acumen?
Time to make a stand
And will not the foreign media question these Umno leaders on the costs to Malaysia of these Chinese migration in terms of opportunities lost if Malaysia had been able to keep these people in Malaysia to assist in the development of the nation?
And why, they will also ask, are efforts being made only now to woo these migrants back to Malaysia?
And what of the education system? Will they not question Umno as to the wisdom of implementing an education system that actively isolate the Chinese young from any opportunity of getting a decent education in Malaysia and instead force them to seek education overseas?
What, they will ask Umno leaders, is the rationale for doing so? Surely not Ketuanan Melayu?
These are questions that Umno leaders have never been asked to answer before – without the assistance of a pliant media, without the protection of an all-powerful government machinery and without the laws to back them up.
Imagine how they will squirm and squeal as the world media question them on these irresponsible attempts at preventing the children of these Chinese from having the same education as what was available for the children of the Malays!
And can you imagine the mayhem the foreign media will cause to the Malaysian government when they start to take apart the slanted and ill-conceived education policies of this Barisan Nasional government.
Yes the world has learned a few things about this BN government since the tragic happenings of MH370. Things that we Malaysian are all too familiar with since the tenure of Mahathir as our prime minister.
The Malays have said enough. The others have not. And if they say they have, then they have done so only through the polls with their votes – a mere whimper when what is needed is a mighty roar to let these political leaders understand that it can no longer use race to divide and rule over Malaysians.
If the Malays are now at the frontline of telling Umno and Barisan Nasional that there will be change, then the Chinese, by virtue of their numbers and economic strength, must take their place with the Malays to move our nation irreversibly towards change.
The Chinese can no longer turn the other cheek when threatened with rivers of blood in Chow Kit or acquiesce when asked to migrate.
It is time that the Chinese gather the critical mass within themselves that will make them into a force to be reckoned with not only by this BN government but also by any government that is in Putrajaya.
If they do not do so, then they deserve nothing less than the fate that has fallen upon the other minorities in Malaysia – marginalised, isolated and ignored by those holding the reins of government in Putrajaya.
CT Ali is a reformist who believes in Pakatan Rakyat’s ideologies. He is a FMT columnist.

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