Thursday 3 April 2014

Walk away from your PC, away from your desk, out of your room and out to the world outside your house and do some actual thinking. It will do you good!

Whether it is about a Chinese and a Filipino tourists being kidnapped in east Sabah, or a Taiwanese being abducted by an armed group from a resort in Pom Pom Island off the shores of Sabah. 

Whether it is about the RMAF not being able to discern whether a blip on their radar was the tragic MH370 or something else. 

Sometimes something from the past catches up with us as it was recently with the Memali incident when until today, questions are being asked if Mahathir was in the country or not. 

We still know squat about why that Mongolian women was blown up with C4 by someone from Najib’s security detail. 

I am still trying to understand how a national bowler escaped custodial sentence for committing statutory rape on a 13-year-old girl and we are still waiting for that Chief Minister from Melaka to be indicted for rape on an underage Malay schoolgirl. A former Minister shamed by a sexual indiscretion becomes our envoy to Washington. We have a Muslim lawyer who cheated on his wife by marrying another without her permission in a neighboring country, then burn the wedding certificate to get rid of the evidence, becoming the Chief Justice of our nation and then upon retirement went on to be Chairman of the largest developer in the nation.  

And of course we are all too familiar with PKFZ, NFC and the many abuses or public office by those tasked with the responsibility of managing the nation’s finances for the common good of our people.

Something is rotten in the state of Malaysia today.

There is a sense of the last days of the Roman Empire in Malaysia today. A sense of doom and gloom.

How do you explain that the government we now have in Putrajaya is not the one that was chosen by most Malaysian? Can any fiction writer write a script to rival the trials and tribulations of Anwar Ibrahim, the ins and outs of PKFZ, NFC and the continuing saga of Mahathir? In Malaysia the real world outdoes fiction on any given day….and it is all happening around us even as we breathe. Nothing is over the top….for Umno and the Barisan Nasional coalition that it leads…..madness has become the norm.

If you have the sense to stop and reflect on all that is happening around you…it will frighten you. …..and every day the Internet is bringing a staggering amount of detail of all these happenings right into your house, into your living room and onto the very desk that you are now sitting at!

There was time not too long ago when the only way I would know that our Prime Minister was not well was when I am told that he had died while undergoing treatment in London. Today I know in real time, the moment Mahathir is admitted into IJN.

But do I want to know all this? Is it knowledge or are they just cluttering up my already jam packed brain? I do not really know for sure the answer to this question but I prefer to read. When I read I have time to think, digest and process what I read…and what information I take in becomes knowledge.

Think about this and take a walk away from your PC, away from your desk, out of your room and out to the world outside your house and do some actual thinking. It will do you good!

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