Thursday 10 April 2014

Two Bloody Idiots...One a former Chief Minister and the other a Home Minister! Kasi malu aja!

Slap challenge: I accept, says Yong
 | April 10, 2014
He also asked Home Minister Zahid Hamidi not to “break his promise” to reward him with RM501 which will be donated to the Tabung Wira Lahad Datu
Yong Teck Lee Zahid Hamidi

KOTA KINABALUL: Former chief minister Yong Teck Lee has accepted the challenge to slap Home Minister Zahid Hamidi.
“I accept his (Zahid’s) challenge and invite him to come visit Lahad Datu and Semporna without being escorted by his crowd of bodyguards and police and army security cordon.
“If Zahid keeps his promise to pay the RM501 upon being slapped, I will donate it to the Tabung Wira Lahad Datu (Lahad Datu Heroes Fund).
“I am confident that Sabahans will contribute more than ten times to the Fund,” said Yong who is also SAPP president.
The Lahad Datu Heroes Fund was set up for the benefit of the families of security personnel who were sacrificed while defending Sabah during the Lahad Datu-Tanduo Sulu intrusion in March 2013.
Zahid had said during his address to Home Ministry staff in Putrajaya yesterday that a “benevolent person” had offered RM500 as a reward to anyone who would slap him.
He said “if the person is brave enough” he should perform the act in person instead of urging others to do it. Zahid also said that he would top-up the amount by RM1.
Yong, who had made the offer in an immediate reaction to the security breach in Sabah last Wednesday, said yesterday that he hoped Zahid will not break his promise.

steadyaku47 comment:
This is what we have come to in Malaysian politics  - a former Chief Minister and the Home Minister urging each other to a physical encounter of the stupid kind! 

Reminds me of my school days when we square off against each other daring each other to step on that spot on the ground that we insists is the head of our father...double daring each other to be the first to step on the other father's head! 

You see when children are angry nothing is fair and it is always some body's fault! Ask any kid why they are behaving badly and he will point his finger at someone else and insists that he is the victim....yes I say HE because girls are more sensible!

They never want to take responsibility because taking responsibility means they have to change...and  no kid wants to change....can you recall these kind of conversation with your kids?

Parent: “Well, why aren’t you keeping up with your work?”

Child: “The teacher didn't explain the assignment to me. How should I know what she wants me to do? She's an idiot.”

Always the other guy is the idiot! 

And it seems that this Umno Minister and the former Chief Minister do not want to change their inappropriate behavior too....they go with the flow...and the flow is towards more stupid and childish behavior! Two bloody idiots making fools of themselves in the public domain!    

Woi have some class lah....what sort of an example are they showing to young Malaysians? Stupid idiots! 

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