Wednesday 21 September 2016

Sirul Azhar Umar

How do you tell a man, detained for almost two years in Australia for entering the country for not telling the authorities that he is a convicted murderer, that in Australia, the individual can decide his own fate by the things he does in mitigating the circumstance of the crime he had committed?  

How do you tell Sirul Azhar Umar that in Australia there are laws that a Minister or the Prime Minister cannot circumvent without putting his public office in jeopardy?

And that in Australia "due process" means just that! That there is a way of doing things that allows an individual the opportunity to plead his case through the Department that now detains him. If that fails there is then a tribunal to hear your case....if that too fails there is eventually the High Court where you can stand in open Court and explain to the Court that what you did was upon the instructions of your superior whose instructions you are required to obey and do without question?

Sirul Azhar Umar has applied for a Protection Visa to be given permission to stay in Australia as he does not want to return to Malaysia. 

While the protection visa is being processed (it may take months, even years to process) Sirul can apply for release into the Australian Community which would enable him to live and work in Australia until that protection visa is approved or denied. 

To be release into the community Sirul has to convince the authority, and more critically, the people of Australia that he is NOT a criminal. There is no way around this....if the people of Australia thinks that he is a criminal/murderer - he will rot in prison. 

So how does this murderer of Altantuya mitigates the murder he has committed?

He has stated at his trial that he is a "kambing Hitam...a scapegoat" he has been heard to lament "that he has done the dirty deed of murdering Altantuya for someone else" and now he is suffering the consequences of doing that dirty deed.

He has a few options:

Asked for a judicial review of his case to exonerate him of that crime. His Malaysian Lawyers should do this but all they have done is ...."NOTHNG!'.
Ask for a Royal Pardon - which the Agong will give if instructed by the BN government....not on your life for as long as Najib is PM.

Or he can argue his innocence through "due process" in Australia that will eventually, if required, allow him the opportunity of pleading his innocence in the Australian High Court. 

For whatever reasons Sirul is not doing this  - he is trying, among other things, to get a good character reference from Malaysia to say that he is a man of good character so as to allow the Australian authorities to consider his release into the community while his protection visa is being processed. Who in Malaysia or Australia, will give a "good character" reference to Sirul - a convicted murderer who has absconded to Australia to escape the gallows?

And so Sirul rots in the Villawood detention center.

What then of Sirul's future?

Like anyone else who has the potential of being a threat to the political future of Najib, Sirul has been effectively neutralized. 

He has three set of based in K Hell and the other two in Sydney : One Lawyer in Sydney to process his application for the Protection Visa and the other to handle his extradition to Malaysia if the BN government is inclined to ask for his return to Malaysia. 

Who pays for these Lawyers is for Najib to know and for all of us to find out!

All three set of Lawyers have allowed him to languish in Villawood for many many months for reasons best known to them.  

Whatever the reasons, it serves Najib's interest for Sirul to rot in Villawood where he cannot say, do or ask for anything....especially the many millions that he thinks should be coming his way....including for the videos he has made exonerating Najib of any blame for the murder of Altantuya!

In Australia, anyone detained for overstaying (as Sirul has been) would have been sent back to their country of origin within a matter of months. To date the Australians authorities have not been able to explain why Sirul has been detained in Villawood for so long.

Questions are now being asked in the media here as to why this is happening. You can be assured that when the answer is not forthcoming from the government and political sources, the media are not shy about answering their own questions themselves. The media sympathies lies with the victim of that dastardly crime - with the children and father of Altantuya.....not with Sirul.

Their interest in Sirul is to know why Sirul who says " saya ingin menyatakan bahawa saya tidak pernah mengenali mangas di dalam kes ini dan tidak pernah mempunyai sebarang urusan peribadi mahupun sebaliknya dengan beliau"....would want to kill Altantuya.

So would would we! 

Until Sirul talks, he will stay inside Villawood for as long as it takes for him to understand that in Australia, what you do to make people understand the right and wrong of what you did, will determine your own future. 



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