Thursday 29 September 2016

Zahid at the UN : One Point of Viiew.

Zahid having to speak at UNGA is a plan hatched and executed to perfection by the PM's team to kill Zahid's political career and paved the way for Hisham to take over from Najib (who has to leave soon enough)

They enticed Zahid to speak at the biggest forum available so that it will give the most impact. They knew well enough that Zahid will make a fool of himself at the biggest stage available.

Unsurprisingly, Zahid was gullible enough to fall for it thinking that since the PM has his own problems making it untenable for him to be in NY, he should grab this opportunity portray himself as the PM in waiting. His team of advisors (most probably from UPM) was also dumb enough not to see this coming. Had they been smart, they would have translated the speech into Malay and had Zahid deliver it in Bahasa Malaysia baku. That would have literally pulled the rug from under the PM's feet. Then Zahid's team can welcome Zahid at the airport with banners proclaiming Zahid to be "Bapak Bahasa Melayu" without the rakyat even realising that actually their leader cannot even pronounce "Palestinian" in English properly.

The team which wrote the speech made sure that the sentence structures will be difficult to pronounce even for those conversant in the language. They even threw in a few tongue twisters for impact so much so Zahid can't even pronounce some words correctly.

Now the set is set for Hisham to take over and save the image of the country at the next UNGA. Najib's team is now ready to promote their new saviour fresh from rescuing the country during the MH370 public relations disaster.

The only thing they forgot is that there is one smart alex who was said to have graduated from Oxford and can speak English with a British accent is also waiting in the wings and ready to get into the fray.

Fasten your seat belts, folks. It has only just begun. It will be interesting!

Author Unknown. 

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