Friday 16 September 2016

cakap cakap...started as equals...then one pulled away!

They started as equals, then one pulled ahead, the other brought on himself much woe

Thomas Lai
Thomas Lai The saga of 1MDB shows that Malaysians are not lacking in intelligence nor financial nous. But they lack morality, integrity, and discipline in handling taxpayers' funds. In other words, they are prone to corruption. Why? We don't have to look any further than the unfettered power at the top. Compliant judiciary, supporting institutions and no effective opposition means no oversight of any government expenditure or investments. Those in charge can virtually do anything including murder and get away Scot free. Now how confident are you in leaving your hard earned money in MYR?
Thomas Lai
Thomas Lai Swee Ching Sun, unfortunately religion and race has always played a part even in the beginning. Tun MM was the one that pushed Ketuanan Melayu, enhanced the position of Islam beyond official religion away from the secular state principle; emasculated the judiciary and supporting institutions and undertook grandiose projects that enriched selected cronies. His successors inherited the authoritarian style of rule and the lack of probity. A recipe for disaster as the economy is buffeted by global forces beyond anyone's control. I don't think the government is blind to the problems but they are committed to a system that they are unable to control or change without losing power. So the nation is facing a Malay dilemma. In the meantime, investors, being risk averse, move their money to safer shores.

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Eol Zari
Eol Zari Cannot compare Bro- the one on the left originated from a civilisation of 2000 years, on the right is only 50 years.


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