Friday 23 September 2016

Let the games begin....grassroots starts to leave Umno.

110 Umno grassroots members quit and promise 'more waves' to come.
  • What has UMNO's fake Tengku got to say to this? Does this not rattle him? What then has the rest got to say to this; the likes of Salleh Keruak, Nazri Aziz and Rahman Dahlan. Oh....they will say the numbers are too trivial and does not affect the 3 million members that the party has. Do they not know that Kedah UMNO is already broken up? The ignorance of these UMNO leaders to what is happening to the party is unbelievable. Now, with Shafie Apdal forming a new party in Sabah, I am sure this will further rattle the UMNO leadership. They do not need to tell their boss about this because the boss is too busy counting his money.

    steadyaku47 comment : Saya setuju dengan pandangan Pak Arshad.
    Umno bukan buta, tapi mereka tak nampak apa sedang terjadi kepada mereka dengan "defections" yang sedang dan akan berlaku dalam masa terdekat ....defection dari Umno ka PPBM.  
    Umno bukan pekak tapi mereka tak dengar kelohan orang Melayu dan juga bangsa lain dengan cara Umno memerintah negara kita. 
    Now all the talking is done. PPBM is already a reality. Anwar and Mahathir together in politics again. The money that Najib has will now be going against the street wise Anwar and that wily old Fox, Mahathir! Orang Australia kata Najib is "dead meat"...cina kata "die standing" .....Melayu kata "mampus Najib!". 
    Anyway you look at it.....even factoring Flom the Flop into the equation....Najib must be wetting his trousers just thinking of how many more Umno members will go to the "other side!" Let the games begin!     

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