Thursday 22 September 2016

Laughter..."Alright...says Anwar...I will have a Coke!".

Najib, Subramanium and Anwar were walking along Jalan Chow Kit when they find a Lamp and a Genie comes out and says that he will give each one of them a wish. Najib is first and he wishes that him and all members of UMNO would immediately go to  heaven and they could all be happy in paradise
Wish granted.
Then Subramanium wishes that he and all MIC members could go back to their homeland and lived happily ever after as well.
Bang and they were back in their Motherland.
Then it was Anwar’s turn for anything he wanted. Anwar says “I can wish for anything and Najib and all the Umno guys are in heaven, and Subra and all MIC members are in Madras?”
“Yes” said the Genie.
“Alright” said Anwar “ I will have a coke!".

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