Friday 16 September 2016

Kesavan Ragavan : Anwar must come out and apologise.

steadyaku47 comment : This is what Kesavan Ragavan has to say about Anwar Ibrahim. Read and make your own mind as to the right and wrong of what he writes soon as I post this I will write what I want to say about Anwar and Mahathir....the time for reckoning nears for all of us....even for Anwar and Mahathir!



Kesavan Ragavan

First of all Anwar must apologise to the nation. 
I worked in a company owned by Realmild via Straits Times run by Anwar cronies. Those cronies do all the things except WORK. Play golf and enjoy at companies expenses which is against my conscience thus I resigned. 
Currently I am 67 years old and picked a profession which supports me now financially. Thank god l left the company run by Melayus at the age of 47. Staying with them no issues. Can play golf, no pressure, eat kuay during meeting which last for hours without any results. I would have retired at age of 55 like an idiot, blank. Anwar was dressed like "dashat" and walk his head high like a billionaire. I haven't seen Bill Gates walking like that. 
What happens to his Bahasa Baku when he was a Education Minister and changing school holidays from December to November. 
My younger days I have attended government functions in the evening. Dinner served around 7.30pm. As the function.going on no mention of religion and prayers. Perhaps Muslim participants quietly would have gone and prayed, I wasn't sure. He was the one made a lot noise about religion and destroyed the country till today people using religion to control the Malays and distant others nearing the Malays. He threatened to destroy Hindu temples. 
Today our education system gone to rot because of Anwar and Mahathir. 
Sir, frankly let me know. Are today's Melayu you're calibre? 
So Anwar must come out and apologize to the nation all the policies he implemented, education and religion, to gain support from Malays and not benefit Malays as well as other communities. Mahathir really used him to remain in power and chucked him like dirt. 
Till today I am not convinced Anwar changed man unless he apologized to the whole nation about his nonsense and he would fight to make Malaysia as a cosmopolitan country. 
Sir, (malaysian way addressing) pardon me if wronged. 

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