Saturday 17 September 2016

Jeff Ooi : Cina Kurang Ajar!

GEORGETOWN - Ahli Parlimen Jelutong, Ooi Chuan Aun didesak supaya memadamkan kenyataan (posting) biadap di Twitternya berhubung pemergian…|By SYAJARATULHUDA MOHAMAD ROSLI

4.27 AM Saturday September 2016 : 
steadyaku47 comment : I have often liken the MP's of BN as a rabble of apes. Now it seems that an MP from DAP deserves a place among these apes.
I do not know who this Jeff Ooi is....but I am told he is the DAP member of Parliament for Jelutong. From all indications - name and looks, dia ni orang Cina. 
Ooi Jeff Ooi ...kau nak mampus  ka? 
Is there not an ounce of common sense in your being to make you understand that the death of any one....Melayu, Cina, India, orang DAP ka, orang Umno ka, Orang PAS ka....the death of anyone is surely a time for sadness for his family, friends, and acquaintances? And for someone of aruah Harun Din stature....woe betide anyone, especially a Cina, who has the audacity to say "Adios Harun Din." 
Jeff do you have a death wish?
Jeff do you not think that the DAP is not getting enough flak from the Muslims?
Jeff what posses you to belittle the passing of Harun Din? Trying to get political mileage from the Cina community? 
Cease and desists Jeff! Cease and desist before PAS and Umno and those who hold the late Harun Din in reverence start looking for you to have their way with you....and calling you Cina Babi would be the least of your worries.
I hope it is already too late for you to retract your "Adios Harun Din" tweet and too late for you to apologise for your stupid tweet. 
Why do I want it to be too late for you to do these things? 
I want it to be too late so that in future no DAP MP' MPs from ANY political party in Malaysia..... will have the audacity, the stupidity and the gumption to flippantly say "Adios" when any Malaysian dies! You do not deserve to stay as an MP within DAP.
I hope Malaysians everywhere will let this idiot know that he is not fit to be an MP of ANY party and that henceforth he should resign immediately, go forth and multiply, and hide in that hole in the ground where people like him should disappear into and not be seen or heard for a very very long time! Cina kurang ajar!

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