Wednesday 21 September 2016

Leave While You Can....

There is never a worse time to be Rosmah Mansor than today

Sure you have money overflowing from all the orifices of your bloated body. You can afford RM1200 fancy haircuts and have Birkin Bags a plenty. Private government jets fly you to destinations where you can shop to your heart's content. Luxurious apartments awaits your presence in New York, London and places still unknown to us. You are almost a Minister in the Barisan Nasional government and the prime minister hides behind your skirt when what is there not to like about being Rosmah Mansor aka FLOM aka husband to Najib Razak merangkap and also, almost, the Perdana Menteri of Malaysia?

The truth of the matter is simply this : How Rosmah sees herself is not how Malaysians and many other people see her. I am not only talking about the physical:


Other things have begun to change for Rosmah. Those days of hobnobbing and air kissing with Bollywood Royalties have long passed:

Today only Tamilwood kisses her hand...

FLOM, the honorific title she craved for herself, has long passed into the realms of comedic insults on par with Bokassa calling himself Emperor!

Rosmah Mansor is today the butt of countless tasteless and insulting jokes all having to do with her own attempts at trying to be what she is not. The rakyat thinks she is not entitled to use the government private jet for trips to anywhere....even with the consent of her husband and his cabinet.... and this has got us all to refer to her as the Flying Hippo.....

Her husband calling himself the Bugis Warrior is no better.  If Rosmah is the Flying Hippo then Najib is the Mouse that Roared! 

And together they provide fodder for Malaysians for  their jokes and reason for laughter as we watch with glee their attempts to live up to their  own exalted estimation of themselves! 

The world they have tried desperately to create around them is fact, it was never sustainable ever! All that is left for Najib and Rosmah is to go while they still have time to leave with grace, but I hope not with their spoils of political office that they have accumulated at our expense.   

And there are so many things to think about, to plan and to do before the end comes.

What is better...a trial or exile? Is exile legally appropriate and morally acceptable? For some, justice is important and these two must be made to pay for their greed. For others, the priority is to get those two out of the country asap. 

For now, these two are still in a position to negotiate for their exit as power is still in Najib's hand to relinquish at a time of his choosing. Wait too long and that advantage will no longer be there as external and internal forces within and without Umno starts to dictate

Either way uneasy lies the head upon which the crown sits.....and the jury is still out as to whether that head is Najib's or Rosmah. 



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