Thursday 22 September 2016

cakap cakap....saya Melbourne mari!

Let me get one thing straight. I write as I see it. 

Sometimes I get it wrong. Most times I get it right. I do not speak for everybody...but I do try to speak for most of you who think rationally  unencumbered by race, religion or any political baggage. 

There are times when you will agree with me and tell me so...and there are times when we agree to disagree and you will also tell me so. 

I read everything you guys send me...most times what you tell me will be like water off a duck's back but there are times I will give back as good as I get....most times even better....especially when what you say pricks me! For I am also human and do I not bleed when pricked! But I know this...most of what you guys send me is good and well intentioned and I have learned much from reading them. Thank you.

I have no Malay agenda, no religious agenda, no political agenda and certainly no agenda of any kind that is worth talking about....the only thing that matters to me is that you do no evil....especially to others.  

I write from Melbourne which gives me a great deal of latitude and attitude to enable me to write what many of you in Malaysia cannot write about but I do try to write responsibly and with grace when commenting on any issues, or anybody in Malaysia....with the exception of that Bugis Warrior and his Flying Hippo. 

These two are the dregs of society and nothing I can possibly write is enough to satisfy my desire to obliterate these two from the face of  this Earth. ...and I know that that sentiment is reciprocated by the problems I get while blogging courtesy of those so-called cyber troopers who gets paid for making life for bloggers like me, just that little bit more difficult. 

But bring it on fellers the more you make life more difficult for me, the more focus and committed I will be in making life difficult for the Bugis Warrioir and his Flying Hippo.

But everybody else is also fair I am fair game to any of you that read what I let the games begin and may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and may your hand be not long enough to scratch that armpit if you ever, ever, ever try to make my life any more difficult that what it already is now when I am blogging! Salam

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