Tuesday 20 September 2016

EC Chairperson : Does not understand what "redelineation" means to Umno. Does he know what "dedak" means?.

The Election Commission (EC) has denied the allegations that the redelineation exercise is being carried out for the benefit of certain parties

"Regarding the allegations from several parties that the redelineation exercise is for the benefit of certain parties, those allegations are untrue," EC chairperson Mohd Hashim Abdullah said in a statement today.
He said that their recommendations have not been finalised yet because it needs to undergo the local inquiry process as we...

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This comes after criticism from opposition who had accused the EC of trying to engineer the exercise in BN's favour.

steadyaku47 comment : I do not know who this Mohd Hashim Abdullah is, but by the time of the next election he will probably be a Dato or a Tan Sri ...depending on how he licks Najib's and Kak Rosmah's ass. The IGP and AG would be the people to go to if this EC chairperson wants advice on these matters in as far as Najib is concerned. As for Kak Rosmah, the "go to" person would be that ex-car salesman now Chairman of Tabung Haji....Azeeez!
Image result for azeez, tabung haji kissing Rosmah's hand

But I digress....
I do not know Hashim's background, nor his political affiliation nor do I care....but hats off to Najib again...he somehow manages to find idiots to be his AG, Chairman of PAC and even a tweet of an IGP.....and now again, he finds yet another idiot to be the EC Chairperson. 

You need an idiot to be Chairperson of EC because only an idiot does NOT understand what "redelineation" means to Umno.....but he must, at the same time, be smart enough to understands what "dedak: means....a combination required of all those that wishes to "serve the public" under this corrupt BN government.

Enough said!


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