Thursday 22 September 2016

cakap cakap....Agong, Najib and Mahathir.

Each and every one of you will have your own thoughts, hopes, and aspiration of the recent meet between the ageing Agong and the ageing Tun Dr Mahathir....allow me to add my two cents worth. 

Do you think his brother Sultans and the Agong himself will forget what Tun Dr Mahathir have done in the past to put Royalties in their place? As forTun Dr Mahathir he knows this is something he has to do (against all that his own common sense will tell him NOT to do) in the forlorn hope that the Agong and his brother Sultans will forget what Mahathir has done to Royalty in the past....and are now prepared to stand with Mahathir and the people of Malaysia against Najib and Umno. 

And above all this is Najib. Najib pulls the strings that makes the Agong sing and/or dance to the tune that Najib and Umno wants the Agong to sing and dance to.

And we all are on the sideline knowing full well that it is all a sanidwara that already has a script written and an ending to favor Najib and Umno and yet we hope against hope that this time around, things will be different. We hope that this time around the King will do as the Rakyat wants him to do and not do what Najib and Umno wants him to do.

Please lah....cast Royalty aside in this war against the corrupt leaders of Umno and BN. Let us not waste another moment of our time with appealing to the "good sense" of these Royals to turun padang and join us in our fight against Najib and Umno. It is not going to happen. Leave the Agong and the Sultans in their Istanas and let us soldier on towards the next election less than a year away (I hope). 

We have more chance of victory at the next general election than to go and mengadap and postrate ourselves in front of any Royal person in the forlorn hope that they will see our struggles as theirs, our hopes as theirs and our aspirations for a responsible and accountable government also theirs!

It is not going to happen!    



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