Wednesday 28 September 2016

When something goes wrong in your life, deal with it. Ditto with Umno and Najib!

I knew, from way back before the Doctors at Sunshine had diagnosed the Dementia that was to take over my wife's and my life, I knew that all was not well with her. It was four years ago, upon our arrival in Melbourne, that we were informed of her frontal lobe dementia by Doctors after a two weeks stay at Sunshine Hospital. We had a number of intense and informative discussions with the team tasked with taking care of her. When my wife was discharged, I might have been shell shocked at what I had been presented with : Frontal Lobe Dementia with no prospect of recovery - only a gradual descend into the illness over an uncertain period of time : shell shocked, but I was at least prepared for what was to come. I was provided with medication to make her life as normal as was possible and I was told that in time to come, she will need care 24/7. 

Four years down the road, all that the Doctors at Sunshine had told me will happen, has happened. What time has also told me was that Dementia or not, Life goes on. 

A few months back, after a lengthy period of pain, aches and physical discomfort, and the dismissal of my oft repeated mantra "What I do not know will not hurt me"....I made the dreaded appointment to see a doctor to have an "educated" overview made of what was wrong with me. Over a three weeks period of consultations, tests and more tests and more tests....I was told that Gout, a possibility of renal failure, Hernia, and the onset of old age, were the ills bothering me. I was advised of what to do (no seafood, no tomato, no heavy lifting) and what not to do (enjoy seafood, no physical exertions when caring for my wife, and not to forget to take my medication). Life goes on.

The moral of the two stories? 

When something goes wrong in your life, deal with it. 

Now, why has nobody told Najib and Rosmah that what they do with their private and public life is not quite right? Why has nobody told the Emperor that he has no clothes on? 

And more pressing, why has nobody told Rosmah aka The Flying Hippo, that she too has no clothes on....which for a woman of her age and her physical attributes (or the lack of any) is simply revolting?

But that would be for Umno to say, would it not be? 

If Umno fails to do so then there is Parliament....and if Parliament fails in that task too....there is then the people of Malaysia to do just that at the Federal elections. 

We are past Umno, past Parliament and we are at that time when the Election and the people of Malaysia shall have their say......less than a year away, I think.

Not all are in readiness yet for the people of Malaysia to tell those two royals residing in Seri Perdana that they have no clothes on....but already the crowds are lining the route the Bugis Warrior and his Flying Hippo aka FLOM aka Birkin connoisseur, will have to take on their way to what they think will be their "coronation" to another term at Seri Perdana. 

What I would like you all to consider is this : 

Will you be one of those who will tell Najib and Rosmah that all is not right with their private and public life? And if you will be one of those who will do so, will you do it quietly or overtly? Will you be proactive or passive in making good governance a reality?

Or will you be one of those who will whimper and walk away with your tail in between your legs and do nothing because you think that if the Malays lose political power when Umno is dismissed from government, you as a Malay, will be the worst for it?

All I, and others can do, is to put the facts before you. The thinking you will have to do for yourself. 

Enough has been said about the corruption and abuse of political power by Umno and BN for personal gain but you can be certain that more will be said in the time to come by me and others of the same ilk. We do so because it must be told. We do so because we believe passionately that change is possible, not impossible. All it would take for that to happen is to provide the "fertile" ground and imagination for that thought to ferment and take root in as many of you as is possible by the next general election.
If Mahathir who is 91 can do so. If Anwar Ibrahim incarcerated in Sungai Buloh can do so. If 
those who has had enough of what Umno has now become can do so and if enough Malaysian can come over to our side and do so....then we will surely have the numbers to tell those two now residing in Seri Perdana that they are indeed without any clothes! 

I am one. With you, we are two. Who else will join us?

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