Friday 16 September 2016

Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir. Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim. United in Purpose!

Kita orang Melayu tak banyak Hero....sekarang even Hang Tuah pon meraka kata bukan Melayu tapi orang Cina. Hang Tuah dan Hang Jebat di katakan adik beradik di hantar oleh Emperor of China ka Malacca  - suatu "protectorate of China" - dan "Hang"  ia lah surname orang Cina. 

Let the historians sort out the right or wrong of that "historical fact".

My concern is of the present. 

As the state of our nation declines and a palpable shadow of doom and gloom permeates our nation, our people and our future......are the Malays bereft of real life heroes who will shoulder the mantle of responsibility to make the make that Malaysia and make Malaysia and Malaysians great again? 

Is there no one to confront head-on the fact that corruption, arrogance, and greed now has certainly become us...become the rule by which we are measured in the things that Malaysians do within our nation ...and the manner we are measured by other nations! 

Two names have always been head and shoulders above everyone else. Two names that have survived the test of time and relevancy .....but first a caveat. 

No one leader is utopia. All leaders have their strength and weaknesses. No one leader is ideal, not one single leader can escape from being imperial from time to time...not one leader is the be all and end all of our individual aspirations of what we want a leader to be.  

With all this in mind, with all the druthers you and I might have, two names stands above everyone else...two names that we still have among us, alive and well. One incarcerated in Sungai Buloh the other aged but well.

Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir. Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim.

Whether Mahathir or Anwar Ibrahim prevails or fail, endure or die, depends on what they do to themselves rather  than on what this BN-led government, do to them! 

I do not have to tell any of you the trials and tribulations that Anwar Ibrahim has gone through...and it seems, that even today, this BN government thinks that he has not gone through enough. No man or women, no matter what he has done, should have to go through what Anwar Ibrahim has gone through. 

As for Tun Mahathir....ask yourself this: Why would a man of 91, with more than enough money to take care of his needs, with a past that would more than put him among the greats of our Nation's history...why would he now take it upon himself to meet with his once nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim, and join with Anwar to do what many of us wants to do : Get rid of Najib and his odious wife and take Umno to task for what it has done to our people, our nation, and our future in the name of government?

These two are now united in purpose. Who am I to dispute their commitment to what they now want to do? Who am I to tell Mahathir to apologise to Anwar for what he has done to Anwar and who am I to ask Anwar that he apologises to Mahathir for what he has done to Mahathir? These two are privy to each other's secrets, to each other's intents and to each other's aspirations in a manner that we would never be. 

So, can we all, for the sake of our nation, our people and our future sit back and watch with interest and concern the path these two will now take. Will all of us make not one comment, do any one deed or think any one thought that would in any way be an obstacle to what these two now wants to do...for what they want to do is more for us then for them. What they want to do will decide if our nation will succeed or fail in the short term and in the long. What they want to do...and I say this not without thought and deliberation...what they want to do will ensure if our future generation will succeed or fail. If our children will live in a better Malaysia than the one we are now living in.       

All that we have thought about Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim, about Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir we must now rethink. You must remember that what each did to the other is in the past.....they must forgive each other but not forget...and so must we. 

For the past one week since the two met, I have been filled with hope and great expectations of what is to come. For now, what we have all been talking about, has become a reality. Two great Malaysian, Anwar and Mahathir, are united in purpose. Getting Anwar out of Sungai Buloh, the apologies and how all this will pan out can be seen in the days to come as this new political entity, PPBM, takes it first few tentative steps towards becoming what Umno should have become by now : A responsible and accountable political entity for all Malaysians.    
For now, that is all that we have to hope for....all that we have to hope for against 1MDB, against that RM2.6 billion donation and against a billionaire couple living in Seri Perdana. If any of you have anything else.....I would like to hear of it. If not hush your mouth and prepare yourself for what you can do to make Malaysia the Malaysia we want!

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