Friday 23 September 2016

cakap cakap....political alignments.

As Ambiga has observed yesterday, new political alignments are the order of the day. 

These alignments are not the sorts that take's place with every change of Ketua's and president within Umno. In Umno, every changing of the guard requires a "realignment" of loyalties if one is to continue to be the recipient of copious amount of dedak! New sahabats are made and some discarded and after a decent period of jostling for position at the trough and the pecking order have been designated, all will settle down once again to the business of "mendedak" with increase vigor and vim!

Not so this alignment that Ambiga talks about. 

The physical numbers within these new political alignments will come mainly with defections from within Umno! Three of them, Mahathir, Mahyuddin and Anwar were all once with Umno. The worry for Najib is how much more from Umno will join these three? Time will tell but Najib knows that if the expected exodus starts, not even bangsa, ugama and money will save him. 

It took Anwar Ibrahim to put the fear of God into Umno with his Reformasi, Pakatan Rakyat and the choice he gave to Malaysians of a credible alternative to over six decades of an Umno led BN government. 

It took Mahathir to make Najib prime minister. 

What will Anwar and Mahathir now do to Najib and to Umno?

These are early days for one of these political alignments that Ambiga talks about  : PARTI PRIBUMI BERSATU MALAYSIA (PPBM)....but their coming into being is a done deal and the three from Umno that I talk about earlier, Mahathir, Mahyuddin and Anwar are the nucleus of this new political entity. 

How many more from Umno will join them? When will Zahid reach out to these three to secure his position as president of Umno and when will these three start to talk about the need for all Malays to be together and once again go back to those sentiments that have won them countless general elections before.... "demi kepentingan Bangsa, Ugama dan Negara"?  
We have all been witness to many "political happenings" in the recent past. Nothing is now impossible and everything is possible.....but maybe not everything! 

Najib and Rosmah are probably beyond being "saved" because such is the enormity of their use and abuse of public office for personal gain that anyone doing the "saving" of these two will probably condemn themselves to the political gallows.

Ahhh to be a politician in this period of alignment would be "interesting".....not for the "dedak" that may still be there for the taking ...but for the very real fact that only men and women of substance will survive this "political alignment" that Ambiga talks about. 

Before you jump into the political areana, measure yourself against Anwar and Mahathir ........for they will be the bench mark by which the next generation of political "wannabe" will be measured....for no one will pay any heed to those two who now occupies Seri Perdana once the dust settles!



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