Wednesday 20 September 2017

Cakap cakap...

Tuesday 9.02 am. 20th September...I woke up this morning to unwelcome news from K Hell.  Saudara Anwar Ibrahim is unwell and has been hospitalised "akibat masalah tekanan darah kurang stabil. Beliau kini dalam pemantauan doktor.DS Anwar turut memerlukan rawatan fisioterapi intensif akibat kecederaan lama di bahu beliau". 

Those of us of the same age as Anwar understands the need to constantly monitor the state of our physical self, the need to watch our diet and ensure that we are mentally unstressed, or the wrath of ill health and mental malaise will surely overcome us in no more time then it will take a dog to wag it's tail.  

For Anwar, his incarceration in Sungai Buloh is because he presents a clear and present danger to the government of Najib Razak. I am more sad then angry that in this age that we now live in....when in most parts of the civilised world, we celebrate diversity in race and religion, we are gracious to those whose politics differ from us and where individual rights to say what one feels and think of, are a given....we have in Malaysia a prime minister and his political cohorts whose very survival in government is totally dependent on making certain that his political opponents are neutralised,  that those not of his race, religion and political symmetry  are boldly harassed and abused and the individual right to say what he feel and think, is suppressed by legal and illegal means....and even at want death!

Yes I am more sad then angry that all this is so.....and yet when I hear that saudara Anwar Ibrahim is blood boils over. It boils over in contempt at a BN regime that does not seem to understand that the world is now a different place from the one they were born into. They do seem to understand that we know of the corruption. We know of the abuse and misuse of public office. We know of everything they do in the name of government for their own personal gain and interest...and we know of all this in "real time". Not after the fact...we know as they are stealing money from our national coffers and from our own pockets...we know what happened in Washington, in Putrajaya, in Seri Perdana and even in the confines of and the assumed safety of their houses and in their discussions among "friends and acquaintances" for you see they no longer can know for certain who is a friend and who is not. The lines are now blurred as more and more of those who were once on their side now begin to come over to our side. No I am not talking about the Chinese and the Indians....BN lost them a long long time ago. I am talking about the Malays within Umno and the Malays around Umno....can anybody really tell anymore who is with Umno and who wants Anything BUT Umno anymore?       

So they have Mat Taib back in the fold. Do you take shit into your house? What do you do with rubbish? Those non perishable you may keep in the rubbish bin in the kitchen for a while until the bin is full and then throw them out....but left over food that is already beginning to rot and smell...what do you do with them? You throw them out immediately. And so it is with Mat Taib. A sad excuse for a Malay ....this man would have difficulty in joining any band of thieves - for there is honour even among thieves....but going back to Umno is going back to the same dregs of society that he had come from. Going back to Umno is where he will find his own kind....not only thieves and robbers ...but thieves and robbers ruled by greed supported by a whole cast of other thieves and robbers all after the same thing : dedak and more dedak! So Mat Taib...line up and await to receive your share of the dedak....after the many that has come before you have first got theirs!

One other thing before I go and have my first cup of Vanilla infused Short Black....this week will be about that UTK Guy in the Villa in Sydney....yes... the guy who thought that killing Altantuya was "halal". The guy who thinks that getting to stay in Australia was a breeze that would be a "done deal" once he did that video exonerating our beloved prime minister of the crime. Sirul Azhar Umar is the Australians like to say....Sirul is "FUCKED" layman's terms...he has just shot himself in his own foot...cook his goose...die standing...and whatever other phrases you can think of that says...."aiyah die lah!"

Not only has Sirul been discredited by the things he has done AFTER the murder of Altantuya but he has, by his recent actions in Villawood, made a strong and irrefutable argument that will be hard to argue to why the Australian government MUST keep him behind bars in Villawood for as long as he is in Australia. And soon there will begin to look as to why his son, the "I will be eighteen in April" Azam, should not be sent back to Malaysia. 

It is almost 10am now and I still have not had my Short excuse me while I do...and I should be back at my keyboard in fifteen minutes time to work more on this blog. Until then....   

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