Thursday 28 September 2017

Syed Akbar Ali : Thursday Lite - Appa Stories

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Thursday Lite - Appa Stories
Yesterday I rode the LRT after quite some time. I have that LRT card but there was less than RM2 left so the turnstile gate would not open. I went to the ticket machines (at Ampang Park) to upload some money into the card. No big deal. Then I saw that the screen had changed. Log, Pass 1, 2, 3, 4 popped up. Bottom line I could not upload cash. So I went to the counter. The boy at the counter said ‘Kad ini tak boleh pakai’. I said ok, can I buy another card. The boy hesitated. He kept repeating ‘Kad ini tak boleh pakai’. So I said, ‘Takpa saya nak beli kad baru. Saya nak balik rumah’. The boy was still hesitating. There was some manager type person also inside the ticket booth so I said that the screen is different. The Indian guy said no, the screen was the same. Actually the screen had been changed about three months ago – the ticket boy told me later. I had not taken the LRT for more than three months. I just wanted to buy an LRT card but by this time I am having a slightly annoying conversation with two people inside the ticket booth. The Indian guy then nodded to the ticket boy who again sort of reluctantly sold me a new LRT card for RM20.00. 
What is going on? Are you folks phasing out the LRT cards? Use Touch n Go only? Buy one way tickets only at the machine? Take Uber? Walk on the tracks? I say, dont keep people guessing. Or waiting. Just tell people what we can or cannot do.
Nasib baik ada monopoli. Kalau tak ada monopoli, dah lama dah engko orang bungkus. Tak tahu customer servis, tak tahu cakap simple dan betul, tak peduli kat orang - how can you survive in any business? 
Ok I digress. I told an Indian friend about the strange animal behaviours (my previous blog post). He said that some human beings are also behaving strangely. He said ‘There is one fellow now claiming to be my Appa’. Which I thought was strange too.
Talk is that Dumbno is facing serious internal stresses as well. The power structure in Dumbno is now broken up into a few factions. The entire lot recognise the predicament that Appa has created for them. They are ALL fully aware – without exception. But they are still willing to stand behind Appa because they believe that the Opposition will not be able to win in the next elections. You don’t have to win outright brader. Ours is a multi party democracy. The cat will get skinned. Rest assured about that. 
The other growing power faction in Dumbno would like Appa to step down BEFORE the elections. They want HHO to lead the party into the elections. This is the 2nd Force inside Dumbno and is growing in stature at a rapid clip. 
The 3rd Force in Appa’s team are his closest advisors. These are the real nasties. These are the hangers on. These folks are doing all sorts of nasty things even among themselves. They are sabotaging each other as well. Sh__f__din better watch out. Bapak hang pun bukan asal dari Kerala brader. Hang totok mana? Tapi sebelah hang tu ada satu dua ekor anak Kerala gunning for you. They have offered money. Watch out !!
Talk is that Tok guru Bawang has made it known that Appa told him that he wants to get rid of the Jawa Man. As though we could not have guessed this. But it has moved further along. They are planning to sabotage Jawa Man in his constituency in Perak in the elections. By the way, November 2017 is looking to be a likely time to have the elections – less than 60 days away. So things will be moving quickly soon after this. The 2nd Force may have to move quickly too.
(Folks, if the Barisan Nasional crooks still win the elections, then I am out of this game. You morons can have the gomen and the country and you can go to hell with it. Which you indeed will. I am less than 30 months away from turning 60 and I do believe I will have other things to do. Most probably I will be sorting out how to survive the disaster that is looming. Believe me, they will certainly go to hell.)

There has also been a major falling out between Appa and the Minister of Horse Polo. In the recently concluded sea games, Appa was pissed when the crowd booed him during the closing. He got even more upset when the crowd cheered wildly for the Horsing Around Minister. Talk is Appa summoned the Horsing Around Minister TWICE to come and see him. The Horsing Minister did not go. Appa then asked Jawa Man to summon the Horsing Around Minister. Still he refused to meet jawa Man. 

Maybe the Horsing Around Minister will quit and join PKR? Or Pribumi. Yukk.
By the way who is Jason Loh? A fellow called Jason Loh has been arrested in Dhubai or somewhere over some drug charges. Folks say he is the very good buddy of guess which Minister ??
Talking about getting high, people in the know say that there is another sex video tape. Also involving a top gomen official. The people who have possession of the tape are “investigators” who report to the same guy who is in the tape !! Yup folks. Its a video of their “new” Boss having a good time with some woman – the wife of someone. Ha ha ha. Its NOT the Police IGP ok. Tan Sri Fuzi is a good man. 
The Sarawak BN folks really want to dump the KL BN. The recent SPRM investigations on that sale of the hotel to Felda has sunk its hooks on a few top people in Kuching but that may not be enough to frighten Sarawak. The feeling on the ground in Sarawak (and Sabah) is so anti BN (Semenanjung). To respect the true majority, Sarawak may also see an Iban Chief Minister. And it might stay that way for a long time.
By the way, recall that 90 million Malaysian pies that were given to Bawang. Where did those moolas go? It has come to be that at least 10 million pies went to Tin Sadin’s son. And get this, he has lost ALL those 10 million pies in a failed venture to produce ladies cosmetics. Bodoh punya anak retard – tak tahu niaga. 
By the way who is Tan Sri O__m_n of the M____sian S_____ Service who has been given 30 million pies to buy over Parti Wal Retard? Bayar depa satu juta satu bulan ke Tan Sri? If you are reading this, you know people are watching you as well. Jangan buat kerja kosong. Recall your oath to serve the nation. You serve the people. Not the corrupted politicians.
There are more problems for Dumbno. The economy is really grinding down. To make matters worse a couple of the GLC banks are having some issues. Even Cap Harimau is having some issues. When you say “issues” it means loans turning bad or risky loans. Cap Harimau insiders say they have become a ‘political bank’. They are sitting on some not so good loans. Big ones. The other ‘Bank Melayu yang sudah tukar nama banyak kali’ is sitting on another pile of loans that are not doing so good. One loan for about RM1.7 – 1.8 billion has already turned bad. The borrower cannot "dredge" deep enough. 
To digress again, that Khazanah fellow was "asked" to resign. Khazanah was having their Board Meeting in Turkey and Appa sent someone to inform the Khazanah guy that they wanted him to resign. Or else .. .. . All that 'thank you for your services' was just wayang. Appa did not like his testimony at the RCI. As I said before, this is another case of disposable toilet tissue. After they have used these folks to wipe their behinds, they can just cut them loose. 
Gomen insiders are panicking about the gomen's debt obligations that are due in the next few years. Tun Dr Mahathir says Appa has borrowed over RM200 billion already. The latest being that RM55 billion to build that railroad. The gomen just will not be able to service all this debt. They are going to come to a crashing halt. Unless they tap into KWSP, KWAP, PNB etc. Issue more sukuk and take out more and more money. All our savings will be gone.

These are serious problems, regardless of who will win the elections. Appa and the dumbnos do not know how to handle the problem. 

The problems can be fixed, and it can be fixed very quickly. But people have to be fired, some must go to jail (Truth Commission, Royal Commissions, special Task Forces must be set up to investigate them – right down to their underwear. The Pribumi boys have already put some baddies on notice, beside Appa and gang.) 
There are ways to turn around the economy in double quick time. It can be done. Have faith folks. 
But not with the BN in power. 
Majlis Tertinggi Dumbno cannot understand this.  
Jadi Bawang cannot understand this.  
Ketuanan people with PhDs also cannot understand this. 

So how do you expect the middle classes and the kampong folks to understand this? They will run out of petrol, then they will get down from their cars, stand there and just stare at the sky. Then they will say "Eli, eli lama sabachthani ?"
There was more. Tapi tak boleh cerita semua perkara lah.
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