Wednesday 20 September 2017

Sarawak Report Our PM Managed To Visit The US Without Being Arrested!

20 September 2017

“Harapan does not want to help the people or develop the nation, they are just engaged in a power struggle and dabble in slander and lies,” he [Musa Annuar – PM’s spokesman] alleged.
According to Annuar, many of the slanderous claims by the opposition have been answered.
“The issue of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak being arrested if he goes to the United States is a lie, the 1MDB issue and the (RM2.6 billion) donation from a Saudi royalty have all been answered, and the people can see the opposition’s dirty politics for themselves,” he said.
On Sunday, Najib announced that Muhammad had seen the light and returned to Umno after leaving the party to join PAS and later PKR.
Source: Our PM Managed To Visit The US Without Being Arrested!


It is an unusual boast for a party leader, let alone Prime Minister, that he has shown he can visit the US without being arrested!
Nevertheless, it had taken him nearly two years, a huge amount of lobbying and a load of tribute flagged up in advance to summon up the courage. In the end, with his voice trembling, Najib did it!
Back home again he seems less fearful once more and quite happy to return to the spinning of bare-faced lies and nonsense, such as Mr Musa Annuar’s claim that thanks to this visit it is somehow “proved” that the money the DOJ says Najib stole from 1MDB was a donation from an anonymous Saudi chap instead.
The criminal investigation is still ongoing and Najib was received in his capacity as the representative of Malaysia, so no surprise he was not arrested, but neither was there much respect!
Annuar should certainly scrape around for other rats to re-join his sinking ship, the opposition need to clear their own decks as much as possible of such characters before they get down to the job of sorting UMNO’s mess.

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