Saturday 23 September 2017

cakap cakap: What will you do with your life?

Today...and I literally mean TODAY...I will live my life for the good things in, happiness and the other things that gives sustenance to my soul, to my self and whatever ego and and wants that I might still have and am able to gratify with the means still at my disposal. And if I cannot gratify my ego and whatever "wants" that I may still have...that I may still cannot do without...then I will still have love, happiness and the other things that really matters to me in my life.I do this every day of my life consciously. That is why I say "and I literally mean TODAY". It will be the same tomorrow, the day after and I hope, for the rest of what life I may still have to live. This way if at any time my life is over, I have no regrets that I have not done yesterday, what I should have done. Things like saying I love you to my wife, things like saying thank you to my son for being there for me....small things that really matters in the last conscious moments of your life. 

At 70 years of age your mortality confronts you much too often for you to be able to ignore. For some that confrontation is not well received and met with all the defence mechanism one can muster to ensure longevity over old age and coming death. Some will embrace mortality with a shrug of their shoulders, some with a stoic determination to prepare oneself for whatever is to come with calmness and acceptance that that is the way of life...and there may be others who welcome death as an escape from the hell that this physical world has been to them. To each his or her own. I want to leave this physical bond that ties us to too many things with just one hope....that I have done whatever I can possibly do to those that I love, done all that I can physically do for myself and had lived life as I want to live and to the best of my ability...and if I can do all that...then I will go quietly.

How about you?

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