Tuesday 26 September 2017

Is Najib Good for Umno?

All good things eventually come to an end...even for prime ministers and their wives. For Tunku the ending was forced upon him by a scheming and ambitious number two in the figure of Tun Razak. For Tun Razak mortality was his Karma. Tun Hussein choose his own going at a time when he has had enough of high public office and his successor, Tun Dr Mahathir held on to office for a good twenty two years unchallenged right to the very end. When Tun Dr Mahathir finally announced his long goodbye and stepped down from office...he did so in name only, for  in or out of Umno, he has continued to be the power behind Putrajaya. Pak Lah had too many people working with him to be a prime minister of any note - and without doubt his son in law worked at being prime minister more than Pak Lah did and so Tun Mahathir took from Pak Lah what he had given to Pak Lah. Then Najib Razak was installed by Mahathir as prime minister earlier than he had even dreamt of being PM. Najib Razak is the PM we had to have if our people was to have any understanding of the type of prime minister we "should not have!". When all is said and done about prime ministers in Malaysia what is certain is that in the past they had come from Umno and leave via Umno....for what Umno gives you, Umno can also take away from you. 

Is Umno now ready to take away from Najib Razak the presidency it conferred upon him and by so doing removed him from the office of prime minister? What Umno will and will not do has only one criteria. What will their president do for them? No I am not talking just about dedak, about money politics, about supporting your state rep or giving face to the sons of prime ministers or son in laws of prime ministers...while all this might have a bearing on whom Umno choose to lead them. The litmus test for any president that Umno has is whether that president is good for Umno. Not what Malaysian think is good for them but what Umno think is good for them. 

And today that question is being asked of Najib Razak.

In Umno if you have been convicted of corruption and money politics you can still be relevant to Umno if you can help them win elections. If you are caught with millions in your bag or your bank account ......if Umno thinks you can still be of use to Umno, you will still needed in Umno. Even when you leave Umno on your own accord you will still be welcomed back as the prodigal son if your return strengthens Umno. Umno will overlook any deeds, legal or illegal, good or bad, right or wrong in as long as that man or women who seeks to be in Umno will not destroy Umno. 

So the question that is now being asked in the corridors of PWTC is simply this "Is Najib Razak good for Umno?" Not whether Rosmah Mansor is good for Umno for Rosmah Mansor is just an appendage to Najib. No Najib no Rosmah Mansor! 

Is Najib Razak good for Umno? 

The question is not being asked in open forums, it is not directed at Najib in discussion and meeting when he is present nor is it being asked by any ministers in Cabinet. That question is being asked in meetings held by Umno members at Cawangan, Bahagians and State levels and to all these meetings, Najib is never invited. These are meeting where those who can and will decide the political future of Najib meet to discuss whether it is time for Najib to go? At these meetings their various "agents" on the ground will make their report as to the "mood" within Umno - for or against Najib Razak, They will also report that if the election is called today, less than 20% of the electorates will cast their votes their way....and they will point to the welcome Tun Mahathir got in Sarawak a few days back as an indication of what is happening in Malaysia today. Today across the length and breadth of our Nation, Umno War Lords now know that the natives are restless with Najib Razak. If Zahid will not act to rid Umno of Najib Razak...they will find someone else who will.


Who wants to be Prime Minister? We know Mahathir and Anwar wants to be Prime Minister. So does Zahid, Hishamuddin and a host of others all anxiously counting their chicken before they are hatched....all hoping against hope that somehow Umno will call upon them to be their president...then to be prime minister if Umno wins PRU14. And so the horse trading has already begun leaving no stones unturned, no worms in the darkest whole is ignored giving each contender some hope that maybe they would have an opportunity to be King!

All this done with Najib Razak standing on the sideline, with Rosmah Mansor already calling the removalists for quotes on how much it would costs to transport their considrerable booty from the years of looting and pillaging while they were in Seri Perdana - how much it would cost to move them to parts still unknown....certainly not Pekan, certainly not Port Dickson....maybe London, Europe or maybe to their new found friends in China (Not!) or the USA (not!).

We know already that Najib is not good for us, not good for our nation and not good for our nation's future. Umno is not concerned with what we know. The question that still need to be asks and answered by Umno is simply this : Is Najib Razak good for Umno?


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