Monday 25 September 2017

Ooi Eow Jin a pianist, composer, musical arranger. Now with Alzheimer.

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Ooi Eow Jin is a friend I have known since the 60s when I first saw his name on B&W TV. He is a pianist, composer, musical arranger. More than that Eow Jin was was a soft-spoken and gentle man. He gave his life to music and the RTM Orchestra. 

Eow Jin is now old. Un-pensionable and suffers from Alzheimer's disease. His son has brain cancer and also needs constant care. His wife is bearing the whole burden bravely and silently. She needs our help.

The 3 cacat cyclists would like to invite you to join them in raising some money to help care for this good man. Ooi Eow Jin.
If you follow our ride up to Penang join us and donate to help this good man and his family.
Any amount is welcome. Donate to this bank account........
Teoh Kah Yong
Hong Leong Bank
Account #04600071208
......and post the amount here. And at the end of the ride I will post the statement of accounts here.


The cacats will start the ball rolling........
David Chin RM1000.00
John Fam RM1000.00
Patrick TeohRM1000.00
David Wu RM500.00
Nicole Lim RM100.00
Karen Puah RM500.00
Boris Chang RM500.00
Sue Hwa Chong RM500.00
Khoo NZ RM500.00
HLP RM200.00
Ben Ng RM200.00
Ang Hee Huei RM50.00
Johnny Lum RM100.00
S.A. Lim RM1000.00
Andy Wing RM200.00
Lua RM500

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