Monday 25 September 2017

cakap cakap....

As most of you who blogs will knows...they start counting the clicks to our posts at 10 am every morning. When I hit over a 1000 clicks before the first hour is over, I know I will hit 20K to 30K before the 24 hour circle is over by tomorrow at 10 am. 

It is now 10.46 am and I already have 1,502 clicks. 

Thank you guys for reading what I write. Yes I know sometimes I post nonsensical stuff, and there are times I ask myself why I post the stuff I do....but let me tell you this...what you see on these pages is me! My thoughts, my sense of right and wrong, my taste in music, my humour and most important of all (to me)...steadyaku47 is how I share what is in my head with anybody who stops by this site to visit.

It is 10.50 am now and time to get the Mrs organised for the day. We have a carer coming in at noon today to spend time with my wife for about an hour. She is Greek and she talks to my wife (who is Greek) in Greek and keeps my wife mentally and physically occupied for that hour while I and my son chill. They call it "respite/relief time" for us carers....time away from those that we care for so that we can go back to taking care of them with vigour and love once that hour of respite is over. 

Life is good. 

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