Thursday 21 September 2017

The Muslim Retard of Flora Damansara.

Just who the fuck is this retard? A Malay? No Malays I know dress the way he dresses...and YES it is a dress that he has on. Black in colour with a black skull hat. This is no Arab Celup "Ustad Wannabe"...maybe....but no decent and right thinking Melayu would go into a restaurant or shop dressed like that and start to think that he has the right to impose upon others his views on anything ...least of all religion!.

And what are his views?

First he is giving one weeks notice....

I presume he thinks he can impose upon others his views as LAW! Very presumptuous of this retard to think that his views can be impose as LAW upon anyone else... upon the non Malays (or infidels as I sure that is what he would be referring to them when in the company of other retards!) or upon other Malays. I am a Malay and I will be damm if I will allow this kind of retards to enter my personal space. 

He tells us that he represent the community of Flora Damansara (God help the community of Flora Damansara!) and they object to drug abuse in the community.....woi stupid all right thinking people object to drug abuse!.

They object to any alcohol consumption in public because Flora Damansara is populated by a majority Muslim and Malay it is disrespectful for any one to consume alcohol in public,,,in their presence! I don't drink alcohol and I do not smoke....not because it is haram ...but because I do not like the taste of alcohol. Smoking makes me noxious. So what do I do....I keep away from pubs and any place where alcohol is consumed in great qualities (including, alas, any Beerfest). As for smoking I move away from people who do smoke. So why can't this retard do the same?  

He tells us that he suspects there is prostitution activities happening in Flora Damansaara. Why... how does he know there is prostitution and who the prostitute are? Has he met prostitutes before? Has he paid for prostitutes before? And if there is prostitution in Flora Damansara, should not the police be informed? Or is this retard wanting to make a citizen "arrest" of the prostitute himself and be judge and jury to these prostitute himself? For what reason? Well we know enough of these sex mad religious zealots who insists that the wife must agree to fornicate on top of a Camel if the husband so desire. Ptui!

And they object to anybody wearing any bare clothes ...I dare suggest that in the privacy of his room, this retard would be one of the first among his type to look at images of "bare girls" and turn parts of his body into an amusement park!

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