Tuesday 26 September 2017

Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysia set to be 1st heaven on earth. 
Here is the plan...
-Ban beer fest
-Ban transvestism
-Ban gays
-Ban short skirts
-Ban pigs, its meat and pictures of it.
-Ban dog touching
-Ban hot dogs
-Ban corn dogs
-Ban others from eating in public during fasting month
-Ban others eating in schools during fasting except in toilets
-Ban uttering the word Allah by others for fear Allah will dilute His attention to them
-Ban the truth
-Ban whistle blowers
-Ban peaceful protests
-Ban display of crosses
-Ban debates
-Ban intelligence
-Ban meritocracy
-Ban beauty pageants
-Ban shops from opening during prayers
-Ban free press
-Ban others into their laundromat
-Ban non halal breast milk to be stored together with halal foods
-Ban street vendors
-Ban pasar malams
-Ban mamak stalls
-Ban ramlee burger stalls
-Ban nasi lemak stalls
-Ban goreng pisang stalls
I am so excited 😆
Yes!!! let's make Malaysia great again.
Vote BN!
Vote PAS!

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