Tuesday 26 September 2017

Food for thought....

Courtesy.....Anonymous Ex-Muslim on why he left religion.
"What really broke it was the morals. 
“....made me believe in things I did not want to believe. 
“I don't want the homosexual to be killed. 
“I don't want men to have concubines. 
“I don't think a woman's testimony is worth half of man. 
“I don't think the woman deserves half the inheritance of a man. 
“I don't want fornicators to be punished for simply following an innocent teenager instinct. 
“I don't think masturbation is wrong. 
“I don't want apostates to be killed or jailed. 
“I don't want court evidence to only rely on testimony. 
“I don't want a theocracy. 
“I want to have doubts about everything and not feel guilty about it.
“I decided to read another document of morals, the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
“It was so sublime, it was...beautiful...
“I cried when I read it for the first time. 
“Honestly, in terms of justice and equality,....... 
“Not only that, I realized that all the humanity in me already existed, even without religion."

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