Monday 19 July 2010

The Ancient Mariner left us sometime ago...we were together at MCKK and this was my email on the morning that I heard of his passing:

Re: [MCKK64] Alfatihah

Ya Allah..two weeks ago it was his mother and now him..and I just received an e mail from him yesterday...what can I say..our thoughts will be with his family. It is moments like this that makes me glad that i have kept in touch with him, that i have taken the trouble to stay in touch with him...and that when he did e mail me yesterday I took the trouble to reply as soon as he sent it. My friends live each day with your loved ones and those that you care for and are your friends as if it was your last with them. Good bye Captain - good bye for that is all I can say for eyes are misty and my heart aches for heart truly aches for you.

Al Fatihah


I am posting here again, the Captain's fight for justice involving his beloved Klang Port Authority - with permission from his brother Kassim. Al Fatihah for our dear brother! Our fight for the truth to come out over PKFZ still goes on!

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