Monday 19 July 2010

Cakap cakap...KJ

I am a bit bias with regards to KJ. He is married to my niece Nori. But I know enough about him to dislike him. The first time I met him was at Jalan Bellamy – Pak Lah’s old house when he was DPM. I was with Endon and Pak Lah came home and this KJ was with him – not a son in law as yet – just the glorified office boy for Pak Lah. Endon did key me in on the fact that there was something going on between Nori and KJ but nothing revealing.

Since then there has been this “master servant” relationship between us…me being the servant standing way behind while he took center stage in any situation we were in together….mostly weddings, kenduris and gatherings where Pak Lah was around. Those were the days….
 A few years back for anybody…and that includes me and other ‘connected’ relatives to see him…would mean making an appointment through ‘his people’ and waiting and waiting and waiting for a time when he can see you. Those were the days……
Today he fights for his relevance in UMNO. As we all know his father-in–law is no longer Prime Minister. What he says has to fight for space in the government controlled media and where he goes is no longer of any concern to anybody anymore. Whether he still welds any power worth talking about is a matter of conjecture and debate. Whether he strides in the corridor of power can be argued one way or the other. It is all a bit confusing for us all – much more for him when as head of Pemuda he thinks he deserves more. But this is today….
This is all I want to say to KJ. On the way up in life be nice to those you meet on the way up. You meet the same people on the way down…and make friends before you need them. 


  1. This reminds me about what my friend said about Nori's family living in Sentul before... Jalan Union 2 to be precise, my usual place of visit when in KL. A sister used to study in Convent Sentul? Father ex-army? Just testing my memory.

  2. At least he now knows where he stands. Only a miracle can make him a Pee Em by the time he is 40. Let us give him another 10 yrs for him to learn and rework his way back to power. Never seen a KP of UMNO being so powerless.

  3. Wow bro

    You have indeed walk the corridors before!!

    Golden Boy