Thursday 15 July 2010

The sound of money makes you deaf!

"Perimekar was created only in 2001, a few months before the submarine contract was definitely signed," Breham told the press conference. "This means that Perimekar has no experience at all in submarine deals, has no experience in logistics, has no experience in nothing regarding submarines."

"Perimekar until this contract had never had any contract with any company. The only thing Perimekar had done until this signature of the €114 million contract was lose RM75,000 (US$23,310) in 2002. That was the only thing Perimekar had ever done," Breham said.
in fact...of course..even if DCN paid we all know that in fact the bill Euro 114 million was added to the bill of the submarine ...... the Malaysian Taxpayers are the one who paid ...and I do not know how many hospitals, schools, motor way you can buy in Malaysia with Euro114 million.

When The French Supreme Court of Judicature finally confirms that kickbacks and bribes were paid in the sale of their Submarines to the Ministry of Defense of Malaysia–what then?
·      Will Najib as the then Minister of Defense take responsibility for the whole sordid affair and resign as Prime Minister?
·      Will the BN Government of Malaysia pursue Razak Baginda to recover the RM$500 Million for services rendered that the BN Government has paid him?
·      Will there be a retrial of the Altantuya murder case?
At the risk of being called a Mr. Know It All I will give you the answer. It depends on how soon the French will be able to conclude proceedings. If the French Supreme Court of Judicature confirms what we already know – i.e. that there have been massive bribes and kickbacks paid – and they do so before the next General Election-nothing will be done! In as long as this BN government is still in control of our country, our PDRM and our judicial system – NOTHING WILL BE DONE.
Nothing has been done about Lingam.
Nothing has been done about Teoh Beng Hock.
Nothing has been done about Kugan.
Nothing has been done about Aminulrasyid Amzah.
Nothing has been done about Zakaria Deros and his mansion.

Nothing has been done about Khir Toyo and his palatial palace.

Nothing has been done about the collapse of the Stadium in Trengganu.
Nothing has been done about PKFZ.
Nothing has been done about JJ and his raba raba activities.
Nothing has been done about caning Kartika…well that was what they say they were going to do to her!
Nothing has been done punishing the Chief Justice for illegally marrying another wife without his wife’s permission.

Nothing has been done about punishing Bung Mokhtar, 51, for taking a second wife without the permission of his first wife. Yes I know the court has sentenced him to a month jail (if he serves it) but what is UMNO doing about it? Is he still the deputy president of the parliamentarian’s club of BN?

Nothing has been done to punish Rahim Thamby Chik for raping an underage Malay school  girl.
Nothing has been done about money politics in UMNO, MCA and MIC.
Nothing has been done about those bloody KPI’s for Ministers.
Nothing has been done about Ministers declaring their assets when taking office.
Nothing has been done about Najib trying to bribe the people of Sibu to vote BN.

Nothing has been done to catch those guys who video taped Chuah Soi Lek sexual escapes.

Nothing has been done about changing the ISA.
Nothing, nothing and nothing.
And the list goes on and on and on….the sound of money makes a lot of people deaf. …deaf to demands of the people for justice to be done. We have had our fill with all the sandiwara and silap mata you BN politicians have been performing. Enough of all the ‘no stone unturned’ investigations and ‘all will be revealed’ commissions…they all count for nothing.  
These BN politicians are very good at ignoring the elephant in their living room. But they do so knowing that the noose around their neck gets tighter and tighter. They do so with a lump in their throat and a tightening of the aorta that delivers blood to their heart. There is also an empty feeling in the pit of their stomach  - the same feeling you get at first when you see the bloody policeman coming towards you – because you know you will have to pay him some money. Muhyiddin might be strutting up and down the corridors of power spewing all sort of boasts and threatens all hell will break lose on the French for daring to suggest that the BN government was a willing, able and eager party to the whole shindig – but he knows that the end is just around the corner. Hell I would not be surprise if Najib wets himself.
Now after the general election would be another story. Najib will not have to resign as Prime Minister because he will no longer be Prime Minister. Razak Baginda should be able to work out that he can start calling anywhere else home except Malaysia. And once these two principals in this matter has been dealt with – the rest is a matter of due course.
So let us not waste too much of our energy working out the possible scenarios that will occur when the verdicts are handed down by the French. Najib and gang are in complete control over all things Malaysian until we, the people, kick them out at the next General Election.
Now that this matter about what Najib will do if he is proven to be an accessory to the fact is settled can we get on with the business of kicking the BN government out of power?   

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  1. I can sense the frustration in your article and thought that as long as individual like you have no qualm about voicing it out - there is always hope.

    Thanks for sharing your blog - and try not to let IT get to you.