Monday 19 July 2010

Din...podah lah!


Hishammudin: National security under control
By Asrul Hadi Hadi Abdullah Sani
July 19, 2010
KUALA LUMPUR, July 19  — Datuk Seri Hishammudddin Hussein said today that  national security, in terms of terrorist threats, is “under control”.
The Home Minister said that the government is willing to take drastic actions to ensure that the situation does not become critical.
“I don’t think this is something that we have to be really concerned and worried about. I feel that it is under control and the individual case involving terrorist, whether it is Islamic or other forms of militants, I am handling it personally.
“I will make sure that these cases are not at a level that would cause panic because if not, we will take more drastic actions based on security issues,” he told reporters.
“I am handling it personally”
“I will make sure that these cases are not at a level that would cause panic because if not, we will take more drastic actions based on security issues,”
The arrogance of this person! He thinks that he can personally control the security of our nation? That with him at the head of Home Affairs all will be well with our country?
Din one of the reason Malaysia is not a target of terrorists is because the terrorists have no interest in creating havoc and mayhem in our country. Their time and efforts are better served in creating havoc and mayhem in other countries.
Baghdad Violence
You tell me what country is safe from a terrorist attack? The Green Zone is the safest place in Baghdad. And yet the terrorist can hurl rocket grenades at hotels filled with American soldiers and civilians almost at will. They do so in Israel against overwhelming military might and massive security put in place to prevent such attacks. And in Times Square – in the heart of the US of A – it was only the bumbling of an idiotic terrorists that prevented a major tragedy from taking place. Yes they arrested the guy AFTER the fact.
What Malaysian born terrorist we have go to Indonesia and the Philippines to wreck havoc there not here in their own country! So please do not go around making a fool of your self by claiming that all is well in Malaysia because “I am handling it personally” Go and concern yourself with those “Cow Head” demonstrators and looking for other Malaysian to fill your jail up to the brim with ISA detainess – as you promised!  


  1. Din, the terrorists we have in bolehland are mostly wearing uniforms 7 paid by taxpayers ...

  2. don't worry if the terrorists attack us at sea, we got the' unsinkable' (read unable to dive) submarine ma.

  3. Terrorists in Malaysia can only steal an old junk engines that belong to a stupid organization headed by an arsehole who then directed his kaki pukul to beat up the suspect.....
    So brother that podah lah! not only fit for Din....but... semua lah and top of the lists are the Bn ministers and those kaki bodek civil servants and those in uniform.
    "Don't get mad, we will get even" amacam brother keep the spirit alive!!!