Tuesday 27 July 2010

Cakap cakap...Sandiwara MACC

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If you think MACC is going to do anything about corruption in Malaysia you must be dreaming! If you think the BN government will allow MACC to have access to so called “highly confidential” terms and conditions of negotiated tenders and government to government contracts costing the country billions and billions of ringgits you must be dreaming! If you think companies and public listed companies are going to explain cash payments made to persons unknown for purposes unexplained…again you must be dreaming! These companies do not have accounts for bribery. These companies will not voluntarily disclose illegal campaign contributions. MACC will not investigate Politicians and Government employees who are able to live a lifestyle of the rich and famous… People in power do not like investigations to come too close to them. And MACC takes instructions from those in power. You must be mad if you think those in power will allow MACC to do their work and investigate them for corruption. They are certainly greedy but they do not have a death wish!

In Public Najib can only be against bribery. In public Najib will urge MACC to go do their job. He will condemn UMNO for continuing with the unsavory practice of money politics. In private he and all the other UMNO cronies are telling each other to be careful and go find a safer way of doing it so that they will not get caught. Not that anything will be done even if they are caught but it does embarrass UMNO and makes everything too messy.

Najib’s race to be Prime Minister was to ensure that the Altanatuya case would be kept at bay. Razak Baginda was convinced of his innocence. No the better way of putting it would be that Razak knew that he will never be convicted of murdering Altantuya. Can you imagine what would happened if Razak was found guilty? He can bring down with him not only Najib and the cabinet – but the whole of BN and Mindef top brass. Hell he can bring down the whole BN government.

And you think that MACC will be allowed to go after the big fish that stole so much money from their own people? No way…MACC is just sandiwara to buy BN time to win the next general election.

Now when BN loses the next general election….I will want to be in KL when the s@*t hit the fan….what a day that will be!