Monday 19 July 2010

We elected the BN Government...did we not?

I have been asked why I make it my business to have my say on how BN chose to rule Malaysia when I live elsewhere. As I have said a few days back, my passport says Warganegara Malaysia. So Malaysia is my concern in as long as I am Warganegara Malaysia.
It would be easier for me to remain silent because in speaking out I will surely be a ‘person of interest’ to the powers that be when and if I decide to return to Kuala Lumpur. But how can I remain silent in the face of what must surely be a time of great change and opportunities for our people to put right what is wrong in our country. Thoughts and ideas if left unsaid and unwritten will do little to confront the absolute immorality and arrogance of BN’s rule.
I have tried to rationalize and understand something of what is happening in our country. To either seek definitive answers for the excesses of a government that knows no decency nor accept responsibility for its actions that does more harm then good to its own people….but in vain. You cannot rationalize greed.
Then there are the legacies of those who are murdered by the Police in gun battles and while in remand. The testimony of those who survive Teoh Beng Hock -  dead while in the custody of MACC. 
There is also the ISA  - an instrument of absolute evil in the hands of an avenging bully – as the BN government surly is. Who could doubt the intentions of this ISA as it manifest itself in the relentless pursuit of individuals incarcerated not for criminal offences but for their beliefs. It succeeds so well in allowing BN to use it as an anvil to drive a nail into flesh. The existence of the ISA makes it our responsibility to do what we must to repeal and rid our country of this shameful Act.  It was the people that elected the government that then imposed the ISA over us. It is the responsibility of the people to now take the ISA out by taking out the very BN government they elected. It is our moral obligation to do so in memory of those that went through the hell of ISA. This we know we have to do.

It has taken us too long to understand what is happening. We cannot make up for the horror, the suffering of individuals and families and the physical torment and hardship that the ISA visited upon those that were unfortunate enough to be brought under its shadow. Nothing can compensate for what they have gone through except a promise from us that there will be no more of the ISA under a PR government.
To many of our people have left us to live abroad. They have gone in different direction to leave a country that seemingly does not want them. I am sure leaving was not a voluntary decision but what can they do when the right to live freely in their own country is taken away from them by their own government. 
Today this very Government that legislated to make them second-class citizens are now trying to lure back the same people back to Malaysia. This BN government now knows that no country can have its best people leave and still expect to not be affected by it. Hindsight is always to late to right what has been wronged. They are an irreplaceable part of our society and culture and their loss makes the promise of a better future for our country that much less difficult to achieve.
That this great racial divide still exists and is actively promoted by the BN government is our disgrace. It is our responsibility to fight it. The process to deal with it politically will be left to PR. We must put them in government to do this.


  1. thanks for sharing. it's writters like yourself that give us fresh hope..maybe we can see a better tommorow in malaysia, God Bless you and may you be able to return home soon .once we have a new government!

  2. Those that have gone have a bitter after taste in their mouths, they were angry and they had nothing more to loose, because they have lost everything as a RAKYAT!

    Believe me they were treated worst than 3rd class Pendatangs!

    A place you were born in, studied in, worked in and yet NEVER ever EQUAL IN EVERYTHING!

    How can we expect them to accept "APARTHEID ALA MALAYA!"

    Nelson Mendela fought all his life, or nearly half his life ! He spent 27 long lonely years incarcerated in a South African jail, all by himself, a lesser men would have perished!

    Today he celebrates his 92nd birthday as a free man, still working to free more people around the world of the evil regimes and corrupted gormen!

    One which Malaya inherited 53 years ago from the Brits, we thought we had Merdeka or Independence! But all was in VAIN !

    I guess It would have been better if The Brits were still around, looking back on hindsight, at least we know they were our Colonial Masters!

    At least they could rule with the LAW! Not above the LAW as what we have today!

    Now we have this Dirty Gormen call BN ( Barisan Najis) as our legal robbers, tormentors, thieves and murderers ! Not to mention fornicators and rapists as well!