Friday 16 July 2010


Who Killed Altantuya? Who pulled the trigger and detonated the explosives? The court says the two UTK Officers. For these two to do their murderous act there must be someone to murder. In this case there must be an Altantuya. Who brought Altantuya into their midst?
Razak Baginda did. Razak was the reason she came to Malaysia. She came to seek her share of the massive commission for the now infamous Submarine deal, which Razak Baginda promised her for her work in the deal.
What submarine deal? The submarines the Government of Malaysia wanted to purchase from the French for its defense requirements.
Did Razak Baginda make submarines? No he did not. He was the preferred go between for the Submarine deal. The go between to whom the RM $500 million commission, kickbacks or bribes was paid.
Who decided on Razak Baginda? Who made the decision to pay RM$500 Million? Who had control over these decision making process? Najib as Minister of Defense did.
And so I hold Najib Razak, the then Minister of Defense, our current Prime Minister directly responsible for the murder of Altantuya. By his tainted decisions he set into motion and had control over all that happened that led to the murder of Altantuya and the subsequent cover up that led to the convictions of the two UTK guys for the murder of someone they did not know or had any reason to murder. And that cover up is continuing until today.
Today we know this. The French Courts have started their investigation at their end to establish what bribes and kickbacks were paid to Malaysian or persons unknown in the sale of those submarines.
Even this is not enough for Najib to put up his hands and say “I will stand down as Prime Minister of Malaysia until my name is cleared of any involvement or conspiracy to defraud the people of Malaysia of any of their money in the purchase of these Submarines during my time as Minister of Defense”. Of course he could possible add “I am innocent of any wrong doings” or words to that effect!
We want him to do this. It would be the decent and responsible thing to do. I would even venture a guess that I will have Muhyiddin on my side on this issue. But Najib will not go.
Mobutu is precariously clinging to whatever power he still has in a bankrupt country. Thaksin is in exile from a country he was prime Minister of not too long ago. That he is a billionaire would give him much comfort. Suharto lived his last years under the shame of being taken to court for taking billions from his country for himself, his family and his cronies. Death saved him from that embarrassment.  Saddam was hanged. Hitler killed himself. Idi Amin died in exile. Do not go too far – just look at Mahathir now. Being reviled in his own country for the excesses during his regime. So what awaits you Najib?
UMNO will not want you around for the next General Election. You are too much of a liability to them and carry too much baggage with you. While the war lords within UMNO wants a President that is beholden to them there comes a point when expediency and the need to stay in power at all costs would require them too get rid of anybody that will threatens their hold on power. Anybody that the people will not vote for would not be good for their survivability. We will watch to see if you will jump or wait to be pushed.
Methinks with Rosmah around you will need to be pushed! 

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  1. Dear Hussein,
    Nice write up . an very interesting view of things. does it matters if we know who killed Altantuya? Can justice be served in Malaysia? Not until a clean government comes in.