Wednesday 21 July 2010

What Najib has to ask himself!

How does Najib know when it is time to leave his job as Prime Minister of Malaysia? No we are not talking about leaving after a general election when you have lost your two third’s majority. Nor am I talking about when a former Prime Minister is breathing down your neck asking you to leave.

Just the week before you have sat down with Dato Sri Idris Jala, CEO of Pemandu and went through your KPI’s. Your performance is ok but the oomph is gone and you ask yourself if it is time to go.

Here are the things you should ask yourself:

Is there opportunity for personal and professional growth in your present job? Look at Mahathir – stuck in the same job for twenty-two years! Do you want to do that? Is there any prospect for a promotion? To what position? Sultan of Malacca maybe?  

You have chosen politics as your career. Does your present job fit into your career plan? Can it be a stepping-stone to something else? Being a millionaire..or even a billionaire perhaps? Any precedent? No not the sons or cronies of Prime Ministers…are there any billionaires PM yet?
Are you satisfied with your job duties? Is your creative outlet being satisfied? Is 1 Malaysia all your own work? Does the people accept it? Are you unhappy with the type of work you are doing? Maybe having to impose the ISA on your own citizens is not that fulfilling a task? Are you getting too much into a routine? Cabinet meetings every week? Hantam the opposition everyday? Lying to the people? Perhaps denying your involvement in Altantuya everyday is becoming a bore? Etc etc…If you are unhappy about your routine day in and day out – maybe it is time to start looking for another job.

Do you dread going to work everyday? Do you dislike going to work every morning with your UTK bodyguards and in a motorcade – with siren wailing? Do you dislike the Police saluting you all the time? Do you dislike traveling around in a Private Plane? Having to meet people who want projects, contracts and handouts from you everyday? Do you dread going to office because there always seems to be a crisis everyday? If the answer is yes most days, then you should consider something else. Life is not worth wasting on a job you do not enjoy doing.

Is your voice heard? Are people listening to what you say? Is your cabinet, your coalition partners, your party members and members of your government just giving you lip service? Are the people with you? You need to feel wanted. You want your ideas to be heard and accepted. If not then you need to consider resigning.

 Do you get along with your co-workers? Do you trust your Deputy...that Muhyiddin chap? Are any ex Prime Ministers or Ex President of UMNO going to stab you in the back? Do you get along with Mukhriz? With KJ? Which Ketua Bahagians are your sahabats? Are the warlords in UMNO totally behind you or just biding their time before they replace you with some one else? Working with people you dislike can make your life miserable.

Does your work hours interfere with your family and social life…especially your social life? Do you have to carry your Blackberry 24/7? Do you keep getting calls from Ketua Bahagians and MT members even during dinner? Did you have to cancel your annual holiday because the opposition won the Sibu by elections? Did another death in custody disturbed your Sunday breakfast with Rosmah?
Is getting to work a problem? Do you have time to read the papers on your way to work? Is the traffic too heavy on the way to Putrajaya? Do you have to pay too much toll? If you are spending too much time commuting to work – are you being compensated for it?
Is your country going through another financial crisis? (P.S. Does not matter whether it was you or Mahathir that caused it…just any financial crisis will do!) Do you think the opposition is going to win the coming general elections? You must monitor these things and pay attention to what is going on around you. It is easier to get another job while you still have one – I suggest you apply for a job now before you resign as Prime Minister.
Are you being paid what you think you are worth? In 2009 the Singapore’s Prime Minister's salary was  $3.04 million. (Yes I know you get more then that a month…but we are talking about legal income!)
What are the perks after you leave as Prime Minister? Are you getting a Tunship? Will you have immunity from prosecution for crimes errr mistakes made during your regime…err time in office? Can the ISA be used against you when you are no longer Prime Minister? Consider all this and if you think you are underpaid and the perks are not good enough…. renegotiate your terms of employment and ask for the raise you think you deserve – or else look elsewhere for another job…. preferably overseas!
You cannot take into consideration the RM$500 million commission given to Razak Baginda which he may or may not share with you because these are one off payments! Consider them as ‘durian runtuh’ but not as income.
With respect Dato’ Sri may I suggest that money is not the most important thing – job satisfaction is and remember health and happiness far outweigh the value of money…..and Dato' Sri please ask Rosmah to stop laughing in the background!


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  2. Once you have tasted power, the greatest fear is of losing it. Anyway what is power when you have to constantly look behind your back lest someone will stab you?

  3. Since he is SO EXPERIENCE in Public Office having being first as Pahang MB until now as PM,he is the MOST SUITABLE person to be the next UN Secretary General after Mr BAN term expire.

    Imagine the first UN Secretary General from MALAYSIA! Saybas Datu Sri.

  4. Blog journalist assassinated in front of his house

  5. You are my Friday Guest Blogger...will post in late morning...must hit the farter now.

  6. najib's KPI is how to ensure rosmah has enuf to global shop ... including robert de niro ... & oso enuf budget maybe for making hollywood bullockbuster movie starring herself ...

  7. Yr very first question provided the answers. Look at the immense wealth of Children of the past and present political leaders of Malaysia (PM, CM, Senior Ministers). Such wealth would have taken many years for a busniess man to accumulate (that generated many thousands of jobs). The works by present generation lay the path for the future generations. Both you and I are in same job for many years, but we are not in their 'profession' to get such fabulous wealth within a short period for our future generations.

  8. Are you finding the citizens increasingly ungrateful for your benevolence? Are you finding it a constant battle to convince your own race that racism is the next best thing to sliced bread? Do you keep having to use hand sanitiser after your adoring fans slobber over your hand?

  9. wow ! You are one heck of a consultant ! Your fee to the PM's department ( or PM ) is worth more than 78 million ringgit !
    On top of that you might even save a wretched life from further misery

    Hope you get paid soon (legally).

  10. najis couldn't stop even if he wanted to. behind every successful (or tormented) man there is a woman.

    but najis has more than a woman. he has the female version of hitler-stalin amalgamated. sprinkle a bit of pol pot in, and u have (drumroll......) ROSIE.

    no rosie is not laughing in the background. fats deposits in her earlobe, cant hear a thing she.

    najis is hen-pecked, we all know that. i think he is not inately evil. we all know who's the evil one.

    najis is just a playboy. he just wants to fuck around. ziana today. someone else tomorrow. i know he didnt order the killing of that mongolian woman. we all know who issued the order.

    we all know.


  11. Do you want to be remembered as
    the Malaysian Nelson Mandela?

    Do you dread being remembered as the Malaysian Ferdinand Marcos?

  12. Shit Tam Param, wat is dis Mr Hussein??? Allways u complain only. Why u want to condemn our PM? I think u must be paid or supported by the No.1 clown, that RPK failow. Or maybe the PKR back blaster. Anything wrong with Malaysia u blame it on Najib. U think he is God or what!!!! The man is trying his darnest to get us all together. 1Malaysia mah, that also u cannot understand. What u doing in Australia?? Merempat only. FYI they don't like brown skinlah. Anyway u look like a monkey. Careful the pre bumis there don't take you for one and u end up in the big pot.

  13. Good write - we know him and he knows himself too ! Not to worry all good things must come to an end anytime & any day.

    We are all waiting either way !

  14. Hello,

    Just to share this...

    Fun with Fascism…1946 – 06:44 –

    This is interesting…Based on an actual 1946 classroom film…

    Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in his 1958 Predictions – 09:00…

    The Intellect is the Prison of the Mind
    Posted on March 3, 2008 by Boulderdash -

    Tavistock Institute for Global Manipulation -

    Jibby(Pawn) & his Deputy has been & is still "Beholden" to Madey (Master Pawn) for where they are today...again they allowed the "System" to continue...

    If one thinks Madey is the top Heirarcy...then think again.

    Just who helped him solve the initial financial crisis ? Yes, MIT Advisers (Tavistock?)!

    Next, just who are Jibby's PR advisers (Tavistock?) & what is Jibby? Another "Pawn" in the equation.

    Who do they all report to? Henry Kissenger?

    So all of them have been "Seduced & Trapped" into the Global Elite Tentacles"...

    To "Bankrupt the Nation" & be in submission towards the NWO agenda.

    Squeezed by the Orbs/Juglars at the nation's & rayaat's expense!

    I am sure there will be many more "Implosion" coming along in due course for Jibby...

    No wonder Jibby has become a "Walking Zombie" with all the "Nightmares" Imploding above, below and all over him simultaneously...on top of his nightmares from "Mama" & Amina?.

    God Almighty is great, his Divine Intervention, Retribution...

    As it is, Madey is still in control, just waiting for the right time for the "Collapse" & be the caretaker...

    Proven track record, Most Qualified, Intellectual, Experienced & FIRM! execute his Grand Finale Game Plan...

    Yes, we are the suckers that allowed the System to create our nation's ills, so please wake up & get out of the Bolehland mindset to see the bigger picture!

    You be the judge.


  15. Najib wants to quit as PM and spend his remaining days scuba diving in his scorpene submarines. Unfortunately his wife Rosmah will not allow him to quit because she will then have to pay for her own airfares to London, Paris and New York for her weekend shopping and marketing sprees.

    Furthermore Rosmah will not get free advertisements in the foreign newspapers if she is no longer the PM's wife.

    Poor Najib, feel so sorry for him. Despite the billions amassed, he does not have the peace of mind to spend the billions. Well for every dying rich man, there is a successful bitchy woman behind him sucking him dry and lifeless.